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which company is best for Trastuzumab injection??


Hi everyone,

My mother is a breast cancer patient.Type :HER2 STRONGLY POSITIVE.Doctor adviced to give Trastuzumab injection 18 cycle.I want to which company Trastuzumab injection is best and original ??

Doctor suggested companies

1.Biceltis injection

2.canmab injection

3.hertraz injection

4.herceptin injection

5.herclon injection

If anyone known please suggest me..thanks in advance

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In INDIA Herclone

I have used canmab for mother.

Try Intas Pharma. They have Trastuzumab priced at 19995/- for a vial of 440 mg.

Also pls see if you get it from AMRIT pharmacy at your location. They give a discount and final price is close to 17500 approx per 440 mg vial.

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