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Breast Cancer India
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Treatment Options

Hi. I have been diagnosed with Breast cancer, with a 22mm*19mm lump, lesion at lymp node and mammary gland, Er+, PR+, HER2Nu +++.

My doctor has advised, 4 chemos of one type then 12 of another and 17 injections for Her 2 Nu+ Radiation+ Removal.

Is this ok, i know all cases are different, but what i dont understand is if you remove the breast what is the need for radiation thereafter? And do i need 33 chemos?

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Hi Avij. Its really disturbing to note you have been detected with Cancer. The line of treatment varies from person to person. Still will wait for our Doctors to reply

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1. After removal of breast, radiation may still be required as some cells could have migrated here and there, in the neighbouring areas. Especially if nodes are positive.

2. Technically this is not 33 chemos. There are only 8 chemo cycles and rest 17 are Herceptin, which is a targeted treatment and acts differently and does not cause any side effect like chemo, barring side effects on heart. The later 4 of the 8 chemo cycles, are split into 12, to reduce the side effects.

Please spend some time with your Oncologist to understand this. It will help you.


thank you. Would you be able to tell me what are the 8 chemo's known as? also in your opinion what kind of surgery would i need?


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