Thought this little poem I wrote may help some one

look in the mirror who do I see

Who is this stranger looking at me

With part of her body hacked away

As she strips off her clothes at the end of the day

One half is normal and still womanly

The other is gross where a breast used to be

Her long blonde hair is no more

As she stares back at me like a prisoner of war

Her eyes are empty her skin is pale

Her hands are chapped and chipped are her nails

She wears a smile for most of the day

But that slowly fades as the clothes peel away

Repulsed by a body where once there was pride

Now she feels the need to hide

Cancer came and took its toll

Will she ever again feel whole

I look back at this woman and feel her pain

I know she'll never be the same

Then once again the smile begins

As a burst of pride comes from deep within

Hold your head up lady the fight has just begun

All the treatments over and so far you have won

Cancer may have took your breast

It may of took your hair

But it couldn't take your spirit

It's still deep down in there

As I

Look in the mirror the stranger is me

And I thank The Lord there's someone to see x

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  • This has just made me cry as it is just how I feel. Thank you for sharing this. Xxx

  • Aw sorry didn't mean it to make you cry just thought it's good to know others are feeling the same emotions xxxx

  • It certainly is good to know. No matter how well meaning our family and friends are they dont know what is going on inside us. I used to love my long soaks in my bubble filled bath. I hate them now. I had a double mastectomy xx

  • I hate my body too , but I love my life more now I appreciate everything I have I only lost one boob but when I look at it I feel like a freak . I try not too look too often lol x

  • me too sandy70. I am new to it and haven't begun to come to terms with it.xx

  • I don't hate my body ... I see no breasts but a scar ... My battle scars !!

    But I can understand that other women may see it differently . I hope it time you can all accept that this is just your body and not who YOU are .. Xxx πŸ’ž

  • Remember, although I'm sure it's extremely hard, that with 2, 1 or no breasts you are still Sandy who likes......... (finish off by adding the things you like in your life)

  • Don't get me wrong I don't feel bitter or sad about my mastectomy I am happy with who I am it's just my body I don't like lol πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Perfectly summed up xxx

  • Summed up how i feel☺after mascetomy and treatment have felt that some people assume i should be back to how i was pre cancer. Im finding new set of obstacles to get due to go back to work on 11th july..i put bra and prostsis on for first time since december and found it heavy and tiring. I also had a stroke after first round of chemo on easter sunday. So have had problems with hands .my hair also fell out at same time.feel really crappy about myself at moment and confidence is at an al time low.this isthe first time ive posted on here but have read other peoples posts which have helped with questions ive had.i would like to thank all you brave ladies and wish everyone good health and luck for the future xx lots of love paula xx

  • Hi Paula, I wish you good health and luck for the future xxxx

  • Thank you xx☺

  • Aw πŸ˜” Hope you soon feel better , I forget I don't have a boob when I have my prosthesis in X X x

  • Your poem is absolutely spot on thank you for sharing it xx

  • Your welcome xxxx hope it helps on some way

  • Thank you for sharing this poem X it is so true and as like you I am a survivor X I read this and i got a little emotional X thank you again your amazing πŸ’•

  • OMG that is absolutely spot on. Lovely words & sums it up exactly. I keep getting told I was 'lucky' because I didn't need chemo or radiotherapy,but I don't feel lucky to have lost one of my breasts. I don't feel lucky to have had to go through egg harvesting at the age of 37, and injecting hormones which gave me cancer in the first place. I've had reconstruction & still awaiting nipple reconstruction but I can't bear to look at it. Your poem sums it up exactly xx

  • Be lucky your alive , lots of people didn't make it after cancer , I know how you feel though it's hard xxx

  • That's do lovely o hope you are well big hugs xx

  • Awww, thats so inspiring........I love it x

  • Thank you πŸ˜€

  • Thank you xx

  • I thought it would bother me having a mastectomy, but it hasn't. I was more bothered about losing my hair with the chemo and wouldn't leave the house without my wig or a hat on.

  • Beautifully written, wow ❀

    Much love to all you lovely ladies xx

  • Absolutely spot on in every line, you are a star, made me cry too!!

  • Its like your reading my mind very well put together, well done and thanks.

  • Brilliant! Exactly how it is! Thank you x

  • Thank you for this it's me to a tee xx

  • I'm six weeks post mastectomy and still feel strange when I look in the mirror. What is now my good side is scared by a previous WLE. I suppose I'll get used to it in time xxx

  • Bless you, I know we all feel the same, but I thank God every day for the fact that we are still here. Stay strong xx

  • here's something I designed....

    "I think the hardest part of cancer treatment is at the end -

    when everyone assumes you're 'cured'

    and you no longer need their help.

    You're in your weakest most devastated state, plus

    you no longer have the mission you had when you began

    this journey: to kill the cancer.

    The cancer is toast, but so are you, and now, like a soldier

    at the end of war, you need help putting yourself back together again

    only everyone has gone home

    since they assume

    the war




  • I feel exactly the same πŸ˜”

  • Thank you so much I wish you good health comfort and love xx

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