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does anastrozole give you a higher risk of liver damage?

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just asking if anyone has had this problem.

thank you all.

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It doesn't seem to be mentioned on the pack as a problem, though if your liver is already impaired then caution is required.In your position I would speak to my breast cancer nurse. If one has not been allocated to you then any of the major breast charities would, I'm sure, give you guidance.

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Hi Happy Rosie.I will call my cancer nurses tomorrow. Never thought of that. First thing as always that comes in my mind is the cancer has spread.

Thank for that. Hope you are well.

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I had an issue, 3 years of Tamoxifen and 2 years Anastrozole , had a lesion on my liver. 2 separate scans indicated it was growing. I researched other therapy and had 12 sessions and went for MRI scan - consultant said I did not have the lesion any longer and said the previous scan departments made a mistake - I questioned 2 different departments??? He replied well carry on doing what you are doing Mrs.....

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Oh dear that's awful saying you had then you hadn't. Must of been a shock. Thanks for answer