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Communicating in a coma


I've been seeing Tony do new things he hasn't before and I'm trying to figure out if what I'm seeing is in indicative of him trying to come out or his coma. So far I've slid a pen down his foot and his foot completely moved, he's wiggled his foot a few times and he clenched my hand twice. When his eyes are own, Its hard to tell him to blink and know if he's blinking or if he's doing it cause I asked. Is there anything I can try to get him to do to know if he's hearing me. I would greatly appreciate it thanks.

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I used to ask my husband to stick his tongue out. Great to see him do that!

It’s now 12 months since the fall downstairs. He spent 2 months in hospital & 5 months in Neuro-rehab (uk)

We are currently on holiday in Egypt. When we return my husband has a medical examination to get through arranged by his employer & hopefully he will be returning to work. Fingers crossed.

It’s been a tough time & things are not the same as they used to be but to see him enjoying his holiday is something I thought may never happen again.

Ask Tony to stick his tongue out!

Big hugs to you both x

I’ll try that his neck brace is on and so he alrI day sticks his tongue out but I will try that thanks a lot so happy to hear your husband doing well Tony had a fall in our house as well much love

Have you taken some of his favourite music to play? Music activates parts of the brain in ways that doctors don't quite understand - you get stroke victims who cannot speak, but who sing carols lustily. Worth a go.

Yes I’ve been playing three kinds. Brain binaural music from YouTube, his favorite songs, and Bach and Mozart. I also record messages and let him listen to those too, as well as the prayers and words of encouragement I asked my friends to record for him. Yes thanks a lot

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