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So I'm not a conventional healer....I am afraid if I try alot different approaches to get healed.....I have found that burning bay leaves really does help with anxiety! Meditation really does help improve my mood especially with positive affirmations! I'm an infp personality type so it's like I'm addicted to depression yet I always want to help others....I think it takes my mind off my own bs. Maybe I'll write about the things I have been through in hopes that it may inspire someone else to get out of thier wallows..... without medicine it's been a total uphill battle to recovery...but guess what? I am getting better every day.....and things are looking better for my life. I never thought they would coming from where I was. Yes it is still hard to push myself out the door but I actually have an appointment with a psychiatrist in a few biggest fear is being told I'm really crazy and need a straight jacket for lol but I know that's not what I'm going long as I don't cry my headaches stay I'm very afraid to see the psychologist because I know there will be alot of suppressed feelings that will arise....but I'm ready to face my fears and move forward with my life....I'm tired of this fog and fear. I want the old fearless me back and I will find her. Why? Because I'm a survivor, a lady warrior, a mother, a friend, and I have so many people that need me to get better so I can get back to helping them. :)

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