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My head


Hi all I have always suffered anxiety, which 18 years ago I had a brain bleed, after my surgery it took months to build up my strength up, I have 4 adult children now, not living at home any longer, my anxiety just got worse and worse scared to go out, wouldn't stay on my own, it got so bad that I shut everyone out my life, my husband to, I got so bad I I went to see doctor, they put me on citalapram 40mg, after 7 years I came off them I was doing ok, then my mom had an opp on her hip, she got sepsis, I was looking after my mom n dad, then after 7 weeks I hit the wall, my anxiety was back worse than ever, seaked doctor, he put me back on proxatine 10mg then after few months fealt just as bad he put them up to 20mg I must say I've been much better since, altho I am very nervous about the head area, as I get a third nerve palsy from apparently acute rhyonitus but this last time I had it I was very calm and symtoms was much less, after all these years I'm feeling loads better, I want to say there is hope for us all, and keep calm as you can as this does help xxxx