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Donating blood


I have just booked a donation session, I checked the basic ‘can I donate “ questionnaire which I passed so I went ahead and booked.Then I had a thought let me google donating blood if you have an aneurysm , on the uk site blood donation site it has a section on aneurysms Berry aneurysm and brain aneurysm- confusing as the site states for Berry they need further info and you need to call the help line But for the brain aneurysm it says sorry you can’t donate because of the safety of yourself or the person receiving the blood .

If I hadn’t researched donating with a anni ,I could of continued to donate ,I feel quite sad that I never reached my goal of 30 pints, 2 short ☹️

I now to need to cancel that session ; but I was wondering would I have been able to get through and donate as I don’t remember seeing anything on having aneurysm in the info they give to you to sign .

Has anyone got any thoughts on this topic

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I had a SAH in 2015 and was told I'd no longer be able to donate but by then I'd already given over 50 times so felt I'd done my share. I do agree, however, that guidance from the Blood Service isn't clear.

I think the thing that would make me not would be the bit about the safety for other people. Not sure why that should figure in relation to donors with a brain aneurysm as opposed to anything else, but...

I can't donate as I have ME. Even though I am symptom free these days - it's a life ban. That was thought to be because of some (since discredited) research that claimed that ME was related to a retrovirus. But that was never openly stated. So who knows how/why they make these decisions. But the health of the system, and anyone who does receive blood, does rather rely on people keeping to the rules.

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