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Hi Brain people, Just in a dilemma at the moment. Incidental Aneurysms found a while ago. One is large and needs I am told to be clipped. Since finding this have seen 4 Surgeons and have now found 1 willing to do op. Cannot be coiled due to amount of blood vessels attached to it. Came out of consultation feeling positive and ready to go ahead let him get his hands in my brain. Told to think about it as it is my choice and there could be complications.

Yes have been thinking and now the doubts have set in. I trust the surgeon prepared to do it totally! So why have I got this feeling, not afraid of surgery just afraid that if something goes wrong I will be a burden to family. Loss of speech I can handle but if I needed care it ......... Just feel at the moment would like it to just rupture and be done. I know you must all think that feeling this way is shocking for which I apologise as I understand you are all having a tough time with the unknown. x

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  • I fully understand how you are feeling as I have the same as yourself! I know the Doctors have to give you time to process the information before any action it taken but unlike yourself I was given time to think about which procedure I wanted - Coiling or Clipping? I was deciding one day one thing and the next day I had talked myself out of that decision and into the other procedure!! As it's six months since any monitoring has taken place on my 8mm Aneurysm with a sister one attached I made the decision that until I've had a scan on what is there in my brain right now I could be tooing and froing and when the latest scan is done I might now have any choice at all in the matter. I know the procedure carries some really high risks and its an awful lot to take in at the best of times and its only human nature to think about the worst possible outcome!! I found the most interesting part of your post that you trust the surgeon and in my book that is a really good place to start from. Have you any indication of how long it will be before you have the op?? In my case I'm finding the waiting really taking it's toll. My family contacted my Consultant and asked for a brain scan to be done so at least if it's not grown in the last six months then maybe they could all chill out a bit but they were told that could be WEEKS!! I see the Consultant on a regular basis at his clinic but in my mind that is a waste of time as I know what's in my brain and what is going to be happening so I really don't see any point in these clinic visits. I'm at the stage of frustration now with the whole thing. My aneurism was found incidentally over ten years ago and was told it would be monitored which it was ONCE!! It was 2mm when it was first found and here we are at 8mm with a sister one attached which has much weaker walls than the original one and no idea of the rate of growth or how much it's grown if at all and I seem to be getting nowhere. On the first consultation I was told my Consultants waiting time was until July this was in March but I have the feeling nothing is going to happen in July and I will be left hanging around again. It really is like a ticking time bomb just sat there waiting to go off and the one thing I don't understand is in all walks of life in our day to day working environment we have a thing called Health and Safety which incorporates - A Duty of Care - My Consultant is fulfilling that by having me at his clinic on a regular basis AND a Risk Assessment!!!! I will let you know how I get on with this one after I see him next Thursday. It's fear of the unknown that is making you have the thoughts your having but I think you really need to concentrate on the TRUST you have in your surgeon as that in my book is the most important thing you have in your favour. It must give you confidence for what's ahead? Please keep posting as I am really interested to know how you get on but don't be beaten or have any doubts about what's ahead. You really can DO THIS!!

  • Thank you so much for your reply! Like you still in complete turmoil and have just received unexpected appt. for 10 days time for MRI Circle of Willis scan this was not mentioned 2 weeks ago Surgeon just said get back to me with questions at any time and decision on op in a few weeks. I know I do trust him and family want me to go ahead as they say they want me around a bit longer! Nice to know but not them going to be on table :-)

    He says it is better to be done now as I have Lung condition which is only going to get worse which would cause problems for Anesthetist .

    Again thank you and I wish you well for your next appointment!

    Take care

  • I honestly think it's more difficult for our families to deal with and I know mine are NOT coping well at all!! I'm been baby sat all the time as if they are going to come home to a chalk outline on the floor of what was once me ha ha. We are supposed to not get stressed?? How does that work then?? Your told something that could be a total life changer but DON'T get stressed about it?? Yeh like we can all just sit and ignore the news we have been given - If only??? I think I would feel really positive in your situation as at least something is HAPPENING!! I've just been left like I say for six months with now idea of what is going on with mine whether its stayed the same or grown at a rate and honestly I think the not knowing anything is worse than knowing the worst!! I know they have to have detailed images before they carry out any procedure of this kind so this could be the start of your op taking place and a brilliant outcome and life back to normal?? How good does that sound?? There's only one thing stopping this from happening and that is that op taking place and surely anything has to be better than 1. Waiting for the alien to rupture and cause really BIG problems or 2. Just live your life in Limbo waiting for option 1. to happen?? I know which I would prefer and it sure as hell is not hanging around waiting and waiting and worrying and stressing every day about what if?? You go for it and stay as positive as you possibly can and that should give you the best chance of all. My thoughts are really with you and I truly wish you the best outcome possible to get your life back on track and some normality back.

  • Hi hope you are ok. I have put a post on to say decided to go ahead with surgery. xx

  • Hi, How are you doing have you any news or had anymore action?


  • Hi guys, my name is Renee and i am 8 weeks out from having two brain aneurysms clipped on the left side of my brain, 8mm one in the center of my brain the other about a finger deep behind my left eye which was 5.8mm. 13 hours in surgery and i found it took a major toll on my family. Recovering is a long road 😞 I currently have pains that shoot from the center of my head to my temple? i am also getting little lumps around my temple? sleeping (cant get enough and still so tired), my sight is terrible and i seem to be very slow at everything? i sit back and hope that i can get the strength back i used to have. The thing is with health problems like these? damned if you do and damned if you dont. if an aneurysm ruptures that could be the end.

  • Hi Renee, do you think the 8mm centre aneurysm is the cause of the pains from the centre of your head?? It's still very early days for you but you sound like your doing really well considering the serious surgery you have had done. You should be really proud that you have had the procedures done and now your out the other side and yes it's a very long recovery period but I know you will get there in the end. To have come THIS far is amazing and like I say it's still very early stages in the bigger picture of what you have had done. Please don't try to run before you can walk and let nature take it's course. You have inspired me honestly the fact that your HERE and getting over the massive surgery you have had done.



  • Hi,

    How are you feeling? I know it can't be easy and it is a long slow process but the worst is all behind you now and that must be a fantastic feeling even if you don't feel that good in yourself?? I go on Wednesday to discuss my up coming MRI which I have been told it risky for fear I have a bleed in the scanner and even with the groin way of entry that is risky as well but the surgeon needs up to date pictures to show what he is going to have to deal with so until I get this part over I just can't move on. I'm booked for the MRI on 21st July so all in all it shouldn't be too long now. I will be discussing the scan and photo's next week and taking his advice which way to proceed with the scan etc but I'm feeling all frustrated at the moment as it's like living in limbo and everything is just so slow and it's all the waiting. I just want to try moving on with my life but this Aneurysm is holding me back from any sort of normality. I can't travel as flying has been ruled out and even having a short stay away anywhere is difficult as I'm on a 24 hour cancellation list so I don't want to be away anywhere and miss a slot that may arise. My family are still a constant PAIN always trying to baby sit me which is driving me round the bend ha ha. Have you had a check up yet?? Was the surgery a total success. I find it a comfort that you had exactly the same as myself in size apart from mine having a sister one attached and maybe by the time I get to the operating table mine will be having a party and bringing the whole family along ha ha

    Take Care


  • Hi, Sorry in late reply to you Lyndaryan1. Kept reading over and over, mulled, stressed and talked to daughter then made the call in a stronger moment to say I would like to go ahead with surgery. Had MRI scan of circle of willis on Saturday. Just the wait now for next appt. to see Surgeon.

    I still have the moments of am I doing right thing.......to be expected!

    I truly thank you for your messages as I had just been trying to ignore things that need sorting. xx

    I will stay in touch and hope you get the answers for your problems very soon!

    Look after yourself.

  • Hi, I got cancelled last week until the 28th of this Month so even MORE frustration!! My family nearly went off the Richter Scale when I got my appointment moved AGAIN!! I just accept things happen and I'm a lot more cool about it than they appear to be but I look at it there is only 8 days to wait now and I just count the days down. Good for you for been brave and not just letting the alien take over. It sure as hell isn't going to go away and your family are right to want you to have the best chance you can have. That chance is not in ignoring the problem or not dealing with it and I'm really proud you have taken the option of trying to get rid of the alien within that just comes along and dictates your life and the life of your family. I want to fight back and be rid of the nasty thing that has so disrupted every plan and option in my life. No flying - I have a property in the City of Valencia where I love to go - That is out of the question as I've been told in no uncertain terms NO FLYING!! My husband in his wisdom who knows what makes me tick had the brilliant brainwave of - We will buy a Camper Van and make our way across there by road?? Not a chance when you are waiting for appointments and i'm on a 24 hour cancellation list!! If I want to live my life how I wish to live it then I have to be able to get on a plane and visit my most favourite city in the world so the alien HAS TO GO!! I'm a pretty organised person who pre-plans things but I can plan NOTHING while that alien is dictating the odds so I feel I don't really have a choice. Live in fear every day and then not even do the things I enjoy which are so restrictive it's not a life at all or move forward and deal with the situation. Please let me know how you get on I really care and know how difficult this situation really is. Good Luck


  • Oh no! they say stay calm and keep blood pressure low then do this to you!!!! So sad for you. When your appointment does happen I hope you get answers and an idea of what is to happen. I was an organised person but that seems to have left me. I know I have a lot to sort out to sell house and move closer to family asap due to my Husband having Alzheimer's (older than me but was not expecting this).........help promised but never happens due to cuts in services! I understand about the camper van trip being a no! You are living in a world of when? and don't want to miss out on anything with your health suddenly become available.

    Take care of yourself and I hope family calm and don't stress you, talk to them and let them know that you will talk to them when you are in need of a chat about things and you don't want it to be permanent discussion. I know it is on mind most of the day it just comes to the front when not expecting it.

  • Hi, I go for my surgery on the 18th July so I'm booked for Pre-Assessment next week. I'm leaning towards the clipping option but this decision is really more about the Consultant who will be performing the operation more than any other. He's moving to London from East Yorkshire & I will be one of his last patients for surgery before he goes. In our Neuro Unit in Hull we have many Consultants but they all perform all manner of Brain Surgeries and the Consultant I am under does ONLY Aneurysm Surgery. I trust him like I know I could never trust another and he has the expertise to carry out either procedure and has no preference whatever to do either on mine. I think if I have the coiling there is the going back every 3 months for life with the huge dose of Aspirin every day would be a pain. I look at this from the point of view I have been Self Employed running a business with my husband for 30 years and I would be replacing the VAT Returns with Hospital Appointments which when you have had things in your life for so long you always have to plan around I just don't want to go into Retirement and STILL have constraints put on us both. My other worry about the Coiling is if I have problems further down the line then my Consultant will be long gone and he is really special. He's from Portugal and as he only specialises on Aneurysm Surgery alone I could never get another with such expertise to carry out the operation so I'm really leaning on going for broke while I have this chance with this one specialist Aneurysm Consultant.

  • I had my 4mm aneurysm treated (1yr ago) via femoral artery with an apparently newish very effective 'flow diverting stent' no coils! it sends blood flow right past the Annie which when 'starved' of blood eventually 'dies off' so to speak. My op lasted 2.5hrs, I awoke with not so much as a headache, recovery was amazingly quick, back to work in 2.5 wks (although found concentrating a little hard at first)... MRI immediately after op showed no blood entering Annie, as did the one 6 months later. Clopodigrel stopped at 6mths post op now just have small dose of aspirin 75mg, which I can stop on next check. ... I did have a consultation regarding open surgery but was so invasive and long recovery plus more risks. Not sure if the flow diverting stent is available on NHS tho? But would highly recommend the National hospital for Neurosurgery in Russell Square, (NHS hospital but also does private)

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