From Major brain surgery to Internet Entrepreneur

From Major brain surgery to Internet Entrepreneur

From Major brain surgery to Internet Entrepreneur

The Journey

The Luckiest Man Alive our holiday to Thailand 2009 almost ended in tragedy when I needed lifesaving brain surgery to drain a blood clot. We were into the third day of our three-week 3-day stay in Pattaya when I felt unwell while lying by the pool. We went back to our hotel room so I could lie down felt something go pop in my head followed the most violent headache, quickly realised something was seriously wrong. "One minute we were enjoying ourselves and then the next I nearly died,"

I was diagnosed with a subarachnoid brain aneurysm and underwent a six-hour operation on Saturday night. Surgeons pinned the blood vessel to stop the bleeding and fitted a tube to drain the blood clot from my head. My wife was absolutely petrified as the surgeons said it was touch and go whether I would survive,"

I remember nothing being in a semi conscious state but my wife told me that I was saying my goodbyes to her. It was 7pm Saturday night before they took me to the operating theatre the operation was to take 6 hours, she said, she did not sleep very much that night, but semi asleep, she said the phone in her room rang about 8:30 Sunday morning, she picked it up and said, Rob is that you, I said yes, Pauline I want to see you, she came down to intensive care to be with me. This was surreal, it had only been 8 hour since major brain surgery, and I called her from my bed in intensive care.

The week I was in intensive care is a blur I don’t remember anything about it I was heavily sedated. Drifting in and out of sleep but I knew that she was with me all the time. They moved me to a private room were my wife could join me I also had a nurse on 24 hour care to look after me. After about two weeks in the private room I was given the all clear to travel home I had to be escorted home by a nurse she came to the hospital to access my condition, she said, I was the most well looking sick person she has ever escorted home. This being down to the excellent medical care from the doctors and nurses at Bangkok hospital. Thank you, you saved my life.

Once home I had to retrain my brain, I could walk talk but not much else, I did not know how to turn the computer on at first, when I turned it on I just looked at it had no idea what to do, I had to find a program I could use to exercise my brain and get it working again the game I found was solitaire I played non stop for 6 months getting faster and faster with every game. I have no memory of the 3 weeks in Thailand only by the hundreds of pictures my wife took.

A few years later I decided to do something that would challenge me, I decided create a green eco friendly website. The Green Planet Advertiser, that was 2013 this was my final stage in fully recovering, three years later 2016 fully recovered decided to convert the website into a business

The journey has been long and hard its taken me 7 years to get to where I am now, the website has been created and uploaded onto the Internet. The next BIG challenge is to create a successful internet business.

Robert Allott

5 Replies

  • You are AMAZING! My brother had the same and had his aneurysm coiled. He went on to write a book about it. You'll find him here.

  • Your brother is truly amazing xx

  • Just like you, well done for getting so far.

  • Aww that's really nice of you to say. I don't feel amazing, I feel a fraud! With my other ailments I am now classed as disabled, I just see myself as a lazy moo. However, I have a nasty chest infection at the moment and my GP has diagnosed early stage heart failure. That will have to wait lol, I've just set up a craft room so I've too much to do x

  • Bless your heart ... I hope you feel better soon.

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