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Hello and help please!


I'm new to this group and wondered if anyone can answer a question I have. A brief outline is earlier this year I collapsed and was rushed into hospital. I had a burst aneurysm and it was coiled. Days later I had a stroke. I

Spent four weeks in the critical care unit and over seven weeks in hospital but I knew nothing about it at all.

I've recently had a MRI and Mra scan to check everything is ok but it is not showing on the scan and the radiographer said it may have "dropped". This is what my consultant told me. I'm now going to have an angiogram to see what has happened. I'm just wondering if anyone has had a coil or stent move, or not show up on the scan.

I know I should have asked more questions as my consultant is brilliant and would have answered them but I was really shocked and just didn't think!!

Any information you may have would be wonderful.

Many thanks


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I was not aware that a burst aneurysm could be coiled. I thought it could only be clipped. I think if you write a list of questions for your consultant next time and bring an extra pair of ears with you then at least if you miss something your companion will have heard it. Good luck


I was told at my last scan that my coils had compacted meaning they had been pushed down, and now only half filled the space they where meant to fully fill. and that sometime in the future I may need further surgery to correct it. maybe this is simuler to what's happened to yours. Joanne xx


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