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Could be pregnant worried

Ok I admit I’ve been stupid. I got talking to a guy on a dating site last week and decided to meet him. I have met other guys before and not much happened or I got into a relationship with them but it never lasted. I have never been interested in meeting for sex fun as I have always been shy with it as I was sexually abused as a kid. So we met this guy had 3 young children with him between 2 and 5 I knew this so guessed he wouldn’t try anything. We went for a walk and he seemed keen on me held hands and kissed and had a feel he let his kids play in a field while we did then he took kids home and left them with his dad while we went for a walk. Things quickly got sexual I was comfortable with it at first and he asked if we could make love I said maybe another time. We both had trousers down he seemed to just carry on feeling me. Then I realised money had come out of my pocket so I bent over to pick it up and he decided to have sex with me. Now I wasn’t comfortable with this but wasn’t comfortable telling him so I let him carry on. After he finished he said he had come inside me. Now I’m not even in contact with him and don’t want to be. I’m worried I mite be pregnant I’ve never really kept track of my periods but I think I should be due on sometime now so obviously if I don’t come on in next few days I need to find out if I am pregnant and if I am plan an abortion. I hate the fact the baby won’t get a chance at life and I do want kids at some point but only when I’m in a happy stable relationship and not still living with my mum. At minute it’s not the right time for me to have kids and I have no one I can talk to about it as my mum over reacts to everything and money is tight as it is.

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Wow I’m so sorry this happened to you, I hope you’re okay.

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