Periods stays 3 days :/

Plz help me, I took a pregnancy test on Friday, but there was a very faint line, or may be I am wrong. I decided to wait few days, then I'll test again.

But my periods started on Sunday morning, and today (Wednesday) when I wake up bleeding or period is no more.

Usually my periods stays 5 to 6 days?

I dun know what is happening. I am so confuse.

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  • Hi There,

    Generally if a period is later, lighter, shorter or doesn't come at all then a test would be accurate, and a positive result would be true. Do a repeat test first thing in the morning when your urine is strongest, and it will be accurate. Hope it goes the way you want.

    Best Wishes


  • It could be a fluctuation of hormones that has caused an unusual period, take another test in a few days and like Jules says first wee of the morning. This is just me, but I would buy another 2 tests to be sure. xx

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