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Depo and pregnancy

Hi I'm confused if I could have gotten pregnant on depo or before. I'm scared to test as I'm not in a position for a baby. I had my first shot of depo March this year it was due in June but I was overdue by 2- 3 weeks late. During that time I had unprotected sex and was experiencing pregnancy symptoms. I took 2 home pregnancy test both negatives so I decided to go back for the second depo shot in June but for the past month I have been experiencing more pregnancy signs feeling nauseous, tired, sleepy and my breast hurt for a week now. Could I be pregnant?

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I got pregnancy symptoms whilst on the depo I know it's a side effect but if you genuinely think there's a chance you could be pregnant go see the gp they may do a blood test. Best being safe!

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Thank you for your reply, made an appointment for Thursday.


Don't want to scare you Hun but I was on the depo and fell pregnant lol but do go to your GP and take another test. All the best


Hi there

There is a risk of pregnancy if the Depo has run out, and you had un-protected sex. Did the clinic/GP do a pregnancy test before giving you the next injection? If they didn’t and you are still having symptoms, it might be best to do a pregnancy test, if it’s negative it’s probably the Depo giving you your symptoms. If it’s positive you need to go and talk to whomever gave the Depo to plan what to do next.

Good luck.



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