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18 weeks pregnant on Monday and feel rough!

Hi, up until now I've felt more or less fine, apart from the odd quesey day.

But this past week, and especially today , I feel rubbish .

My tummy feels so heavy, and I can literally feel it stretching , and today my boobs hurt.

I'm guessing this is normal? Feeling really ache all over and just feel fat ! ( which is what I'm meant to be as pregnant 😊.

Has anyone else who is at a similar stage felt like this .? This is the first week I've really started to feel a bit pants , not sick, just stretching tummy . Any advise ?? X

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I've just reached 20 weeks and started to feel like that about 18 weeks too. Although I was actually being sick as well! A week without throwing up now though so I'm hoping it's gone for good! There's a lot of shifting and making room going on right now so the aches pains and stretching are pretty normal. If we're lucky it should settle down a bit in a couple of weeks. All part of the joys of impending motherhood! My belly and boobs are really itchy too lol!! Loose clothes should help, and moisturising any bits of skin that feel like they're stretching. Hope you start to feel better soon but all sounds healthy at least 😊

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