I'm worried and sad

last night i came to see my bf, its been 3 weeks not having sex and we were excited to see each other nd we tried having sex, immediately wen he tried to slide in, he lost an erection and i tried to boost it again but nothing, in the morning we tried again we had about 2min and change the position and he lost the erection again and we stop... we both 24years of age, Am i the problem or he has a problem? this never happened before and we've been dating for 3years now.. . I feel offended.

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  • This is normal. The more you focus on it , it can create more anxiety and it can continue. Just relax and know it's not you or him. Maybe something is on his mind. Talk to him.

  • Thanx Lulu... I talked to him nd he told me dat he had too much stress, work related....

  • This happened with me and my partner we also had a phase where he couldn't ejaculate when we had sex either. Turns out the problem was he was masterbating too much when we where apart

  • Thanx kitty... I really wanted to freak out hey... but we cool now.. ..

  • It is a awful feeling

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