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i have many conditions dont know where to start ,

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i have many medical conditions osteoarthritus osteophorisis i have fractured my upeer spine 3 times and 5 weeks ago was in the kitchin felt a severe pain in my back and down i went was taken to hospital whee i was x rayed no fracture i was told was sent home in severe pain 5 days later got a phone call prom my doctor my discharge notes from the hospital were sent to her stating i have 3 wedge fractures L1 l3 L4 in severe pain have had more scans have got to go for an open mri scan as i have claustraphobia i have been given a matres topper for the bed a wheelchair and thats it i was offered gabepentin but side afects were bad i suffered from malnutrition when i was younger so my bones are fragile i dont know what to expect the above conditions runs in my family i use the wheelchair to get around a stair lift has been put in as i rent my house my life is on hold till they find out what i have done i do have fibromyalgia perifula neuropathy sensory neuropathy any advice would be much apreciated thank you .

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You really have got such a lot of painful conditions never mind the fractures.

It sound like you need to find some sort of pain relief - did your doctor not suggest anything other than gabapentin? I was prescribed that for something last year and didn’t get in with it or with pregabalin but there are other things you could take or you could even ask to be referred to a pain clinic.

Hopefully you won’t have to wait for too long before your MRI scan because that will let your doctors see exactly what the problem is and decide what they are going to do for you.

I don’t know for sure but I imagine at some point your doctors will offer you some sort of osteoporosis drugs - either tablets or an infusion but like I say I don’t know for sure - but right now I think you need to ask your doctor as soon as you can and ask for some sort of good pain relief.

hello they tried me on morphine bt it did not touch the pain i will book my mri scan today see whats hapening with my back my hips are hurting so bad thank you what medication are you on please .

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