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Hello everyone.

I'm due to have my parathyroidectomy next week and just wondered if anyone had any words of wisdom... 😉

I think I'm more concerned about the anaesthetic because I've never had an operation before ...,I'm hoping it will be local but it could be a general.

Any advice welcomed about either having an anaesthetic or the operation itself.

Thanks so much.

Fran ☺️

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Hello Fran. I don't know anything about the op, but had a general anaesthetic a couple of years ago and would have no concerns about having another one. One moment they were telling me I'd feel a little scratch, the next minute I was waking up, feeling like I'd had a lovely deep sleep! Within what seemed a very short space of time I was up out of bed having a cup of tea and biscuits and once I'd had those I was able to go home. I hope that's reassuring, and wish you well with the op next week. Do let us know how you get on.



Thanks so much for the reassurance!

I’m okay with the operation itself- I’ve watched it on YouTube and it looks ok. I’m sure I’m worrying when I don’t need to, and it’s so kind of you to reply!

I will just be glad when it’s done- I’m so lucky to have reached 60 with no operations.

Thanks again.

Fran 😉x

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Hi Fran.

I've had the op - about 3 years ago - and it was absolutely nothing to worry about. Anaesthetics are so much better these days, you're only out of it for a short length of time, come round much more easily and quickly and that awful nausea doesn't happen any more. You'll home with just a little dressing and within weeks the scar is virtually invisible.

Best of all, your calcium/vitamin D levels are restored to normal immediately! I had a blood test before leaving hospital (I think it was the next day) and it was normal. Good luck! X


Hi Joanne.

Thanks so much for taking the trouble to reply.

I’m glad everything went well for you and hope my experience is as good as yours! 😉 Thanks for your reassuring and kind words.

Are you in the UK?

I am going to Oxford for mine.

Thanks again.

Fran 😊 xx


Yes Fran, in Nottinghamshire. There's no choice really, I had kidney stones and osteoporosis caused by the parathyroid problems before it was picked up - osteoporosis can be reduced to some extent after the operation if the parathyroid adenoma was the cause. I feel much better these days (had coeliac disease diagnosed about the same time, so the gluten free diet helps too!)

It really is nothing to worry about - let us know how it goes! X


Hi Joanne.

Thanks for your reply. ☺️

I had a fall in September and fractured my pelvis and that was how I found that I have osteoporosis - to my shock and horror!

I was offered drugs but I researched them and decided not to take them, then I read about the parathyroid glands. I asked my GP ( who I think is about 12 😆) and she knew very little about osteoporosis . I said I needed to know about my blood calcium and my parathyroid hormone level and then asked to be referred to a specialist.

I could have just taken the tablets and been none the wiser- I'm so glad I researched it!

I understand that the operation can have the same effect on the bones as taking the medication and its not very good side effects and I'm really hoping that proves to be true. The specialist is not impressed with the meds either.... and the positive, long term advantages for our health seem great too.

I've been told today that I have just one affected gland and so can have a minimally invasive op, with local anaesthetic .

I will let you know as soon I feel OK after Tuesday.

Did it affect your voice at all?

Thanks so much - your kind words made me feel a lot better.

Fran ( in Hampshire) xx


P.S. I was tested ( because I asked) for coeliac - negative- but I know I can't eat much wheat because it has a not very nice effect on me!

Fran x


Hi Fran,

I just saw your post and hope you have already had your successful surgery by now. I am over 60 too, had one overactive gland, but postponed surgery because the doctors said there was no urgency and I was nervous about getting anesthesia and being nauseous afterwards, so I put it off until my son got married, etc. I wished the doctors had made me do it sooner, because you are under anesthesia for such a short time with no after effects. Although I had my surgery in Ohio, It is customary at the Norman parathyroid center in Florida for patients to have surgery in the morning and be released in time to go out to lunch. I hope you will or have already celebrated at lunch.

No need to worry,



Thanks Linda. Very kind of you to reply.

I had surgery on Tuesday, so a bit achy in my neck, but otherwise recovering well, thank you.

It was a minimally invasive op, one gland affected, so hopefully all sorted now

I believe I would have been fine after the operation ( I was very scared, because of never having had a general anaesthetic) but unfortunately I suffered from severe positional vertigo - because of my head having been bent backwards for the op, I suppose, so I was quite poorly from that ... But that's improved a lot and I'm just slightly wobbly now. I'm really hoping that the one gland they removed is it and I will see an improvement to the osteoporosis.

Hope you're doing well, Linda.

Take care,

Fran ☺️


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