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Anyone for pole dancing?!


In the Spring edition of Osteoporosis News there's an article about a 67 year old who took up pole dancing when she was diagnosed with osteopenia at 59 and has since managed to increase her bone density! I don't think that's for me, but am impressed by her dedication to weight-bearing exercise, putting in 2 hours every other day! I don't think I even have that much time to spare, but it has made me wonder whether I need to do more!

On a more achievable note, another article talks about the benefits of eating muesli for breakfast. Apparently researchers in Germany have found that fibre has an anti-inflammatory effect and is good for bone density. I've bought a pack today - something else to add to my growing list of food, supplements and exercise to improve my T-score!

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That’s interesting about the fibre. Like you, I think I’ll give the pole dancing a miss😀 tempting though.

I certainly couldn’t manage pole dancing unfortunately. I was very surprised to read about fibre in relation to bones.

I have 40g of Sainsbury’s High fibre cereal (like Albran but cheaper ) each morning which provides 10.8g of fibre, because I get constipated otherwise.

After reading articles from the Weston Price foundation since being diagnosed with OP, I believed that whole grains, nuts, beans, seeds contained phytic acid, which chelates/ binds to Ca, making them an unreliable source of Ca. For this reason I don’t count the Ca contained in the milk I eat with it. I also try to plan my meals so that my main Ca containing foods, for example yogurt, are eaten apart from phytic acid containing foods.

It would be interesting to actually see the fine deatails of their findings, to show what density improvement actually occurred. Perhaps the anti inflammatory effect out weighs the downside of the reduced Ca.

Very interesting, thanks for posting it.

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