bisphosphonate research

Info about this small study was posted on another forum. Thought those here would be interested.

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  • Thank you HeronNS for the link. Interesting reading...


  • Thank you for sharing

  • This is why my rheumatolgist suggested you need to have yogurt and high protein milk . I have stopped the Fosavance for now as it is irritating my stomach,

  • I doubt whether dairy products could help with this bisphosphonate side effect. In fact too much animal protein is not good for our bones because of the high phosphorus content. (Yes, the bones need some phosphorus, but all things in moderation.) Yoghurt could have been recommended to help protect your stomach, not so much for the bones, which will only grow stronger if they are stressed through exercise and weight bearing, and given a wide range of foods and a few supplements which contain the bone building nutrients, like calcium, D3, Vitamin K2, boron, magnesium, etc. I don't advocate avoiding dairy, but there is some evidence that relying on a high intake of dairy to treat osteoporosis could be detrimental. There is a lot of calcium available in a varied diet rich in leafy green vegetables like kale and broccoli.

    Here's a nice balanced list of high calcium foods: Bottom line, dairy is useful but should not be the main source of dietary calcium.

  • I also do green juice as well as have Ovarian Cancer, this includes green veg carrots, cucumber ginger and green apples and perhaps Pineapple or Mango when on offer. So I have been doing this for several years so diet alone wont help me, I find the tummy is improving so perhaps back to the drawing board

  • Thank you.

  • Extremely interesting study - many thanks Heron!

  • I'm printing out the paper and will have a read later. Many thanks for the information :0)

  • many thanks for the link, very helpful - Dr Abel presented this research on Radio 4 a few weeks ago, it was very interesting then, and I find it even more interesting having read the report, it does seem to be full of commonsense, there is also an article in 13th March Guardian health supplement where they have spoken with Dr Abel and other Drs re his findings and OP in general, I am however, very surprised that Womens Hour on R4 hasn't picked this up, they don't seem to many articles on OP. Considering how many women are affected and the very small choice of medications (although there are trials going on at the moment) OP should really have a very much higher profile

  • Very interesting. Have now come off the biophosphates after 4 months. They really didn't work for me.

  • Probably because treatment usually takes 3-5 yrs and often it takes 12 months before you start seeing effects. They need to be taken for longer than 4 months

  • Thank you for sharing the.

  • Thank you for this interesting link Heron. I was diagnosed with OP nearly 18 months ago and declined the drugs at that time. I increased my calcium and now exercise more. I'm due for another scan next month so fingers crossed! I do take supplements but would be grateful for any advice on good brands to take particularly Vitamin D & K. Thanks.

  • Sorry, unless you lived in my community I wouldn't be able to recommend anything specific. I buy my D3 from the pharmacy - an oily capsule - and get K2 from an organics food store. I think oily K2 would be good too, but I have only found the powder in capsule form. Oddly, the pharmacies haven't cottoned onto K2 yet!

  • Do any of you think this research should be acted upon? Btw I am currently working with Dr. Abel so ask away and I'll do my best to answer questions.

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