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Advice please

Hi, I am new to this particular post, but have been a member on th A/f page for a while now.  I am just recovering from two fractured vertebrae ( three months ago) still in quite a bit of pain when I attempt house work etc.  I have had 3 previous fractures to my spine ovrr the last 15 years.   My consultant is now looking to osteoporosis and a treatment plan will be put into place following further tests.   However I also have an hiatus hernia which gives me fairly constant heartburn.  I do watch my diet and weight but still need help to control it. I have been taking lansoprosol for a few years now off and on and whilst it appears to do the trick I am worried about the side affects with osteoporosis. Has anyone else got this combination of problems and if so I would appreciate any advice on how to tackle it.


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Hi, I've read that it's possible to have a twice yearly injection of osteo drugs.Might be worth looking up some options. I take alandronic acid and so far haven't had any problematically although I often get heartburn usually. I hope you find something suitable for you

Take care Jo


Thanks Jo I guess that must be better than having to take daily medication



If you are physically active you can use a rebounder (mini trampoline) to reverse (or perhaps stabilise) bone loss.

How long have you had the hernia?  Have you ever tried to repair it?  Take a look at this

best done first thing in the morning before breakfast - and may be wait until your bones are healed first.  Have you tried ginger for the burning? You could also try slippery elm - the real stuff from a herbalist not the invalid food you can buy at Boots.

Do you have the head of your bed raised.  If you suffer reflux whilst you are lying down you could end up with more serious issues.


Hi thanks for replying, I tried to open link but it kept telling me there was an error and it wouldn't open. I have gone back on lanzoprosol, once by bones are fully healed and am no longer in pain thought I might talk to GP re keyhole repair. However also try to lose a few pounds in the hope that will help. Not easy though when I can't walk very fat


I'm sorry that the video didn't work try pasting the following in a google search - 'How to Fix a Hiatal Hernia |' - It was top of the page when I ran it just now. There are other videos on youtube of a similar nature.

Whilst you are on google do another search for 'osteoporosis and LCHF' and 'plant based osteoporosis'.


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