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hiya everyone new on here today so i am a bit lost. i am 47 and have got a curved spine and terrible proturding right shoulder which is really getting me down i have tried for years to get a dextra scan. but all my doctors just say it is my posture but of course i no otherwise i eventually, did get a dextra scan which has come up with oestioperina. but it still doesnt explain my curved back because doctors have said my back is not breaking. so i now have to go for a scan. my mam had oestioperina which developed into oestioperosis with a very bad curved spine. so i am worried i am going to end up bent over. can somebody give me some advice please i do physio on my back and shoulder but doesnt seem to be helping.

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It sounds as though you need a referral to some sort of specialist. Would your physiotherapist be able to offer advice as your doctor seems very unhelpful? Certainly you shouldn't be left to muddle on without help. With regard to osteopenia developing into osteoporosis, you can do a lot to help yourself through the right kinds of exercise, diet and a few supplements (calcium, D3 and K2 for example). One of my friends had osteoporosis and now she is osteopenic and says a lot of her improvement is due to the exercise she does.


hiya I take adcal D vitamin tablets which the doctor gives me. can you let me no where I get d3 and k2 from or does my adcal D have these in them.

I do weight bearing excercises every morning and night that my private physio game me. thankyou for reply


Your Adcal must have D3 in it as that is the standard form of Vitamin D used these days. K2 is a bit more difficult. We used to get it from grass fed animals - meat, milk, eggs, but now that animals are grain fed they don't convert K1 to K2 for us, and we aren't very good at doing it ourselves. You can get supplements (from a health food store?) derived from a Japanese product called natto, or eat natto itself if you find it. I understand it is an acquired taste! I also have heard that K2 is found in some things like certain cheeses (Brie?) and fermented vegetables (sauerkraut, etc). I think it's hard nowadays for people like us to get enough from food alone. It was a vitamin only discovered in the 1990s I think, and I don't think it's penetrated into most doctor's consciousness, but you can get good info on line. Like this:


thankyou you have been very helpfull


My friend does Nordic walking - walking with poles. I haven't tried it yet myself but am thinking of taking lessons this spring.


ooh that sounds good never heard of it. do gyms run the lessons. i will have to look into it


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