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Am I over thinking 🤔 this?

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Hi all,

This is my first post, and after reading other posts I am not sure if I should share, but I am extremely anxious, and have a very unhelpful doctor so just wanted to get some advice from people who might be more familiar with HPB.

I suffer from PTSD and anxiety. When I went to my doc appointment last week, I was so scared. My BP was 144/94. (My mother has crazy high blood pressure and started on meds at age 30 and has spent time In ICU) I am now 47.

The doctor walked in and said I want to put you on medicine as your BP is too high. I think was high due to anxiety and the fact I have worked every day since March 8 of last year trying to keep 3 restaurants running during a pandemic. She didn’t ask about stress or anything, spent all of 4 minutes with me. She also told me I was not anxious even though I said I was 3 times 😫😫

I am not overweight, I follow a plant based diet. I do drink 3 to 4 low alcohol beers a few days a week.

With my anxiety, I am thinking I am going to have a stroke or heart attack because it was high. I refused the medicine as I felt it was weird to take medicine after a 4 minute appointment where the doctor wasn’t listening to me.

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Hello NoelDream and welcome. Firstly, I’m with you on this! The first action by any doctor when their patient presents with raised BP should be to offer tailored advice. Which you are not getting.

Firstly, Please go to the website of Blood Pressure UK and have a good read.

Secondly, think about buying a home BP monitor. If you do, then take a series of readings at the same time each day for a week. Always have a ten minute sit down before starting the machine and breathe slowly while you do. Throw away the first reading and take three more. Write them down

Then see your doc again with these readings which, I bet, will be nice and low.

I’ve made one response but meant to add - the reading you give, assuming you didn’t rest first and were probably talking when the reading taken, isn’t too bad at all at your age. Keep strong!

What a dreadful experience, change Dr this attitude is not a professional assessment of your condition. Your B/P at the surgery is not to be alarmed at considering u were anxious. U should have been offered a 24hr B/P monitor to determine if u actually have high B/P . U need some support with your anxiety, not surprising given u have 3 businesses to keep afloat. Can u try a meditation app which just helps to slow u down for a short time. U will have to build in to your day some time to relax. Home monitoring is a good idea. Read about how u should take a recording of B/P at home, important to relax for at least 5 mins beforehand.

Good luck with it all.🍀 let us know how u get on.

Completely agree with your previous replies. The surgery is the worst place to do your BP (apart from hospital).My GP asks me to do a series at home from time to time. That's 5 days of taking 2 every morning and afternoon. This should give you a much more accurate picture. Then maybe make an appt with a different gp at the surgery and talk about your feelings of anxiety. Good luck!

Sorry to hear about your unhelpful doctor,I've had a similar problem, I did take the meds which made me really poorly (I wish like you have done and waited) Eventually they agreed to stop the meds and put me on a 24 hour monitor which is the right course for you to take, but also one of your replies said to buy your own monitor, take it each morning and evening when relaxed and keep a record. After all that you should have a reasonable idea if you need meds, or if changing your lifestyle etc is the way to go.Take care I wish you all the best .

Hi, I also have high blood pressure, my mother did too and died of a stroke. I am also have low thyroid and as a consequence of finally getting treatment for this, my blood pressure has also come right down. I used to have extreme nervousness and my blood pressure used to be at times 180/99. This was a reading taken at home and it used to frighten me so much. I have a good diet and am not overweight but I was taking 3 types of blood pressure tablets.In the meantime, I started on Levothyroxine and after three years, I take 2 tablets for blood pressure and now get readings like 110/68, my nervous feelings and palpitations have gone. Maybe this is happening to you, ? Have your thyroid tested, it had such an influence over everything in the body, it’s worth doing.

Some really good answers thoughts...Firstly a good doctor would try to monitor your situation by taking several readings over the course of a week or two....and would never prescribe medication right away....The health guidelines have moved the magic numbers lower each decade.....probably to sell more medication.

144/94 is not excessively high...and is not the sort of figures that would not alarm me...mine went to 220/120 when i caught "the virus"...with the worse headache ever.

You are still young which means your vascular system is not brittle...therefore your chance of cracking a pipe is low (blunt term)

Things that help....

If you plan to monitor your own...try to get the model where the cuff goes around your upper arm...the wrist cuffs are notoriously inaccurate.

It is best to be resting sitting for at least 5/10 minutes...because blood pressure stabilises to normal is normal for it to rise during exercise...anxiety stressful situations and these moments are not the best time to take readings.

Avoid sugar....moderate alcohol...cut out smoking....get enough sleep 7/8 hours...walk...walk walk.

These alone will bring lower readings.

I also use things that increase NO (nitric oxide) its in foods like beetroot hibiscus tea....olive leaf extract...there are many more.....these things make arteries relax and open up....which lowers BP naturally.

Magnesium is a absolutely require this mineral....for good health.

350mg for women 400mg for men (daily)... it makes the body relax naturally.

Deep breathing exercises ...aim to bring your respirations down to 10 or 8 per is quite possible for most to get as low as 4.... this lowers heart rate...and blood pressure.

Learn to let go...really master least 15 minutes a day.

People live with higher readings for are still young enough to make some life style changes....get things back under control.

If you still find your readings remain unchanged....go see a doctor...get some tests done...there can be physical causes...or endocrine/hormonal factors at play....take home message....keep calm....take the known steps to lower bp...

Return to your doctor should things remain unchanged.

Best wishes.

I think what happyrosie said was good advice. Your dr didnt spend enough time with you and should have listened when you said you had anxiety. Your blood pressure is not that high and it sounds like you have a healthy diet. I know it sounds easy for me to say but try and take some time out for yourself, go for a walk or just chill but I havnt got 3 restaurants to look after. Sounds like your over anxious and stressed out. Perhaps ask for another dr next time. Good luck.

Hello noelDream, What a horrible experience for you, I agree with all the replies, very sound advice, any gp should have arranged at least one 24 hour monitor, before prescribing, I gave recently had my medication doubled, but hope to get it back down again.

Change gp’s and try the lifestyle changes recommended in the replies, the very best of luck with this .

Your BP is not that high … try to relax.

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