What do i say

Can i Start by saying how good this site is like like most of you i have a lung condition .when i found out i will be honest i was fritend as i have lot two sisters with it already

i was given a book by my copd nurse which i found this web site. And i am glad i have found this site as i do not think i could of coped with it.i have had some good laughs

on this site.plus i have sat down and thought there is someone worst than me on here

i find it like ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY SPREAD ALL OVER. you know if you need advice

you can get it right here as someone has already been there and had the teashit as if you

ask a doctor or a specialist they are not quit know so the best thing is to ask someone who has already been there.like i said i have had some good laughs i admit i got to take

my pumps plus i do get sad when i hear when some one has passed aWay on here .but i

for one love this site.i hope we can keep it up. Good night and god bless

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  • Thnkyou comments like that make it worth while :)

  • Agreed Azaard :)

  • Hi David, I have been reassured a few times on this site and had a good few laughs too - what more could we ask for? Sweet dreams. Libby

  • Yeah, David12, is just like a big family, and combined with the info and facts, the laughter helps us all get through our day.

  • Spot on David,I think it's lovely when we can get advice when needed,but also have a good laugh,or even a cry, in tune with others,I do feel badly when some people deride it,if they don't like it,well the door is open!! xxx

  • thats true

  • I feel so comfortable coming on here almost like putting an old pair of slippers. I would also like to say a big thank you to you all.

  • I love this group so much. We all have problems so it is good to either unload, or to have a laugh.

  • Me too x First thing i do in the morning is fire up this computer and have a read. It feels like 'getting home', after a long night shift.

  • Well said David. Yep, one big happy family. Every day I have to come on here to keep them in line. After six kids I am well qualified. Happy days everyone! Bob

  • Hahahahaha ! Happy Days !

    p.s. Particularly liked and agreed with your comment on a recent blog about intelligence and confusion. :0

  • Thank you Maam xx

  • Agree with everyone,lovely and helpful people here.only joined a few months ago but have learnt so much more here than anywhere.

    Kind regards and health to all

    John x

  • Welcome David :) This site is a mine of information on the little, nagging, bothersome bits that only those who have a lung condition know about and are happy to share their experience. Love it and long may it continue in its present happy-go-lucky format. :)

  • Yep I have to agree, great site, especially when you get little or no information from the doctors. Learned quite a lot on here, and I for one am glad I stumbled across this site. well done everyone for your invaluable information. xx

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