Hi everybody, as promised here is my update of my tests to see if i am suitable for endobronchial valves. Today was the last of my tests two weeks ago I went to the LGI Leeds cardiac unit yesterday I went to dewsbury hospital for lung function tests today I went to bexley unit at ST James Leeds for gamma scan and I must say at this point,I was really impressed with this test what a wonderful piece of machinery it is . Next Wednesday I go to see the consultant for the decision . Will I or won't I be suitable it is now in the lap of the gods I would also like to pay tribute to all the people who have taken the time to make sure I went for all my tests before my appointment next week it' wiil be a month to the day since I saw the consultant in my book that's pretty good going on everybody 's part so I could keep the appointment and not have to put it forward while I waited for any of the tests for me the NHS have bent over backwards and I cannot thank everybody involved enough I Will let you know how I get on next Wednesday.by the way I have a really good 6/7 weeks no chest infection just a cough and most days breathing not too bad fingers crossed i carry on feeling well take care every one of you. X

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  • Keep us all informed meike.So far so good.


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  • Fingers crossed meike. x

  • hope all goes well Meike. x

  • Good luck Meike, it's looking good!

  • Wonderful to hear,so far so good,keep it up xxx

  • yes Good luck Meike ive not got a very good memory but were you no good for a transpant ?

  • Hi tony49' I have never been offered a transplant,

  • I went for my ct scan yesterday have lung function test on April 26th then appointment with consultant on May 20th so I have my fingers crossed too, in fact everything! Keep smiling.

    Carole x

  • hi carole im copd moderate im still learning /i have learnt so much reading things on this site thanks to u all.ow do u get a referal for wat u are having take care im 63 a mum gran great gran

  • I'm 70 and severe stage 4, i asked my Gp and he wrote to my consultant, he started the process.

    Carole x

  • may god go with u .i pray u get the treatment.please keep us up to date.

  • hi again.could i ask my new gp or is it to soon for me at copd moderate.i stopped smoking over 4 month now wen i was told .and wont be smoking again .it as not bothered me/just the thought all those years of smoking i could kick myself.but bak in or days there wasnt any oh there bad and this and that then.ope all the past and presents governments are happy in there counting houses/wont get another penny of me in tobacco.

  • I don't know best thing is to ask hm and see

  • thank u flower i will.my ex gp well least said the better/but al tell u.last june after having gall blader removed.i went to gp/4 week later un june /i told him i have a pain under my left rib it wont go/cud it be everything settling down after surgery for bladder ot/probably i dont no said einstein/he said era giv me a xray paper an pain relief.i rung surgery after 8days. i want see gp.oh in of.i asked for results.oh yes/gp rote no action needed all ok.xmas i got ill god really ill.a locum sent me for a scan it said /unremarkable after junes xray both lungs copd /sorry cant spell emp/i went to surgery wen i was up/an paid 10 pound for my med files and ther june xray said slight highinflation of both lungs.i googled it.its either copd or cystic fibrosis an the clown ignored it.i went see him and told him this is not the last u will hear of me bout this.his reply was if u stopped smoking it will be ok.i asked him wat planet he was from.i could have stopped 8month ago if id known.an not got ill at xmas.i asked a blf nurse and she told me them results were mild copd but cease cigs.so his ignorance an arogance meant i went over to moderate .i had never heard or saw any leaflets in surgery for copd.got to the nurse the spimetry was 67.dont ask wat that is /i never got it explained just a blue inhaler a seritide 500.an a booklet slung across the desk and told to read it its for copd.i came home in shock.ive worked 30yr in mill and get treated like im a criminal.i have a new gp now he is really ok u can talk to him/my ex gp is nit getting away with it.my daughters have started procedure complaints and i dont want a sorry not on this.the horrible man not fit to practise,take care and i pray all gos well for u

  • Hi Caroll , my consultant at my local hospital referred me to Leeds

  • hi meike .i was reading carols notes good for her hope all gos well /im new to this copd moderate .i live in oldham.got a new gp now thank god.never got told nothing so this site is very good.u mean consultant is that who ever said i had copd at north manchester hoz.i went there once in jan 9th for results of scan,i saw a ignorant woman.give me a letter with results said go see gp bye bye.god dont fancy seein her again,cant i go threw my new gp.as it was my ex gp wat got me in this mess .well meself to with smoking but i stopped wen i got told of copd.my ex ignored my june xray as ni action needed wen it sais slight hyper inflatoin of lungs he rote ok no action needed.i found ot wen i paid 10pound for my med files after the scan by a locum.hes not fit to prsctise i told him to.and my daughters have taken action against him.just arogant and ignorant ,am asking my gp bout valves and things ,take care

  • hi caroloctober my name is carol lawrence my oicture is of a litehouse i dont no how to do thezs messages on hear meant picture not oicture

  • Good luck hope you get it ;-) ;-)

  • fngers crossed for you ... I am undergoing similar tests. x

  • Hope it all goes well for keep us posted

    carole x

  • hi caroleoct hope ur well i see u havnt been on hope ur ok ,take care

  • I usually read the blogs sent in the daily email but don't always post. thankyou for your concern I am fine. Keep smiling,

    Carole x

  • hi good to hear it .i went to thameside yesterday.as my hitus hernia been playing uo for months now burning in the left chest left shoulder blade and fingers,7week ago i 1st went to the modile units cats there called,was in and ot in 2 minuts waste of time.the consultant said/u go to thameside for another appointment.he gets paid to tell me that god.i went yesterday/sat for alf hr appointment was 245 i got in a room at 330,this man came in sat on the bed/i was in a chair ad to wait 15 minutes for him/he came in no introduction no hand shake /wat is rong/i told him hitus burning relentless day and nite/u drink/i said no i never have/u take drugs/god im 63 never had and am not starting now i despise drugs.u smoke.i was going to say no/then i said no i stopped nearly 5 month wen i was told had copd/is face god/he said u go to hope hoz at salford u have tube up ur nose into ur gut/and a monitor on ur body see why hitus is rong.i said u have had a hard day then slouching on tne bed,he got up an left.he was very ignorant .i went outside an a male nurse said u will get appontment in post.i said well why couldnt i have gone there instead of coming hear just for another 2 minute chat its a shambles he looked an said he apolized i said it not ur fault but its not fair and not right been treated like that.ow much mony are they paid for 2 minute chats its no wonder thers no proper treatment for us there should be and there shoild be cures now i left and came home really down/but i perked up after/all the years the governmentspast an present have ad mony of us in tobacco an years ago no warnings an still no warnings of copd in surgerys anywere in oldham its a disgrace take care.the tube stays in overnite and i have go bak the nx day god is this 2013 or are we going bakwards.unbeliable treatment

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