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Contact for COPD clinics in Leicestershire?

Hi everyone,

Im new to the group. My mum has been diagnoses with COPD and is about to be discharged from hospital after a nasty flare up but she has no support in the community and they are saying at derby hospital that there COPD team cant follow up with her because she lives on the border of Derby and Leicester so has to go under a Leicestershire team. Does anyone know of how I can get in touch with the COPD team in Leicestshire? Or where any clinics are near to Loughborough (as that would be the nearest Leicestshire town to my mum)?

I'm really worried that she is going to be released with no support and just carry on ignoring it like she has for the last two years and it will just get worse and worse and kill her so any information anyone can give me will be greatly received!

Thanks Mel

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I would suggest that her first port of call is her GP. Also just wanted to say that if your mother does not want to take care of herself and manage her condition, then there is not a lot you can do I'm afraid. It is the old story of "your can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink". Good luck and maybe if your mother knew that there were people on this forum who were diagnosed over 15+ year ago and who are still going strong, it might give her an incentive.


Thanks I will definitely get her to go onto here as I have been using the endometriosis community on here for years and it has really helped me. She has been seeing her GP about this for two years and they have not once mentioned that there were even such things as clinics that she could go to for regular check ups or even that she should have a respiratory care plan, so sorry but I dont have much faith in them.


That is terrible treatment from the hospital, I would contact PALS (patient advice liaison service) discharging your mother without any supporting service while still weak might put her back into hospital worse than she is now. When hospitals discharge patients in the middle of the night because they are short of beds it really is not good enough as they pass the case back to GPs without informing them and passing treatment notes vital for continuing care. Do not stand for this attitude from the hospital.


Hi Jonty, to be fair to the hospital the respiratory nurse we spoke to was amazing she gave us more informaiton in 5 mins then we have been able to get out of her GP for over two years and she really wanted to help but said her hands were tied because they are not allowed to see patients whos GPs are over the border because it all comes down to which NHS trust has to pay for it. She did say she would look into it for us and try and get into contact with someone but thought I would also reach out and see if anyone on here knows of any good clinic in the area they could recomend.


Hi Madhatter1,

Try this link:

This link refers to a GP Practice in Loughborough with Spirometry equipment. They probably have contacts with COPD specialist nurses, therapists and consultants. A phone call doesn't cost much.

As regards your mum coming out of hospital soon. Phone your GP asap to tell them the situation. If your mum is going to need special care or equipment, it will give them time to make arrangements.

As your mum progresses, a pulmonary rehabilitation course may help if you can get her to go. The social side of these courses is often not appreciated for the benefits in motivation.

Don't be afraid to come back and ask questions. There are no stupid questions. If you don't know or are unsure about something, the stupid thing is not asking.

Good luck with your mum, and give her our best wishes.



Hi, we had the same problem as we lived in Ashby de la Zouch (Leics), our postcode was for Derby and our nearest hospital was in Staffordshire. Anyway there is a very active breatheasy group in Coalville, give BLF a call they will be able to give you the details, sorry I cannot remember them as we moved a couple of years ago. Good luck


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