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Hi my dad has chronic lung disease due to pheonomia and smoking for years he did give smoking up about 4 years ago, He had cancer and had a laryngectomy about a year ago, How long does it take to get the right sort of help? He has been refereed to plumstead lung clinic but still no appointments have been made, its a joke, he is getting worse at the moment with coathing fits it scares me when im around him,The NHS are pretty useless i think. The government have a big part in the illnesses of people from smoking, they no the stuff kills but they still allow it to be sold, HOW WRONG IS THAT, they are basically killing people,I no people have choices in this world but if they cared they would ban the selling off tobacco, The thing is they care about money and there own welfare, this come from people who say they have your best interests at heart,Ball sht. This country makes me sick im not even proud to be British any more.To many people suffer and not enough help is out there for old age humans. It makes me sick.Do you or have you had similar experiences, and or feel the same way?

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  • hi i know how you feel .i my self have c o p d..and am in bed poorly at the moment.i also did take a while for me to get the proper help,but since seeing my new doctor and the c o p d nurses and new inhalers and pulmonery re.ab excercises i was getting i am along am now takeing my antibiotics and steroids.and will get back to excerciseing which has been a life saver for me..all i can say is keep pushing there is help out there.and do all they tell you yo do..keep pushing and all the best he will get there..x

  • I have had magnificent help from my local NHS.I would not be here today without their help.

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  • Thanks for your kind words.

  • Hi john404 -

    sorry to hear your dad is not doing so well at the moment and appears to have fallen through the medical crack (hopefully temporarily). These days it seems you only get somewhere if you push and push but your dad is a lucky man to have you on his side.

  • Sometimes referrals go astray and it is probably worth chasing this up on your father's behalf. If his condition is deteriorating make sure his GP is aware of it so that he can help speed things up if necessary. Apologies if you have already done these things.

  • Hello John, So sorry your Dads not been too good lately, its so maddening and frustrating when there's very little you can do except having to keep chasing things like appointments up ( ask the doctor to refer your Dad to see the consultant as soon as possible because with the right meds and treatment he could do and feel better.When my Dad was realy bad I just kept phoning the doctor out and I'm glad I did. Hope you get some help soon, Carol x

  • hi john my husband died of cancer he smoked but addensbrook kept by passing

    him by on the list and dr fife told us and it was

    not due to smoking so they said to us it was in the kidney but left to late it spread but o well what have i got copd im not as bad as a lot of people go to a clinic 2 times a week but it takes a lot of effort do not go shopping any more not got the energy but o well o well keep your pecker up xx

  • Hi niki thanks for the comment and sorry to here ur husband passed away, Thankfully my dad has got an appointment on the 18th so i hope he will get the treatment he needs. It makes me sad to here people suffering i wish i could heal you all.

    Ill keep posting to let people no how its going and hopefully i can give over people hope, and remember ur not alone! x

  • Hi there, I'm a Londoner living in Northern Ireland and over here they guarantee you that from the day of diagnosis, your treatment will start in 28 days or less, no more, and its true. People living in N.I have a 75% higher chance of cure than anywhere else in Britain and I'm sorry to say it but that's because we don't have the immigration/refugee issues over here that mainland Britain has x

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