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Good News


From OH having his stroke earlier this month, he has made great progress,though still having struggle with speech ( but always had to think for the word he wanted .. No surprise there!)

Today he has been moved on to the rehab hospital at Milford Godalming ..We know so many patients who love the place and have had great results so he couldn't wait to get there.

I had a visit with my surgery today for the puff test . First for two years as I'd had lots of antibiotics last year and couldn't do it.

However despite just finishing a course we decided tomhave a go .. Wow ! an improvement And she reckoned that doing my Physio issued excercises and learning to breathe using my diafraghm (?) has made the difference. We even checked to see t hat my oxygen was off !

Now I have to fix some back up help twice a week for me and get in place before OH is discharged with his care package, so he doesn't slip back into looking after for either of us


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That IS good news ! :)


Great to here you both going well,,,hoping it goes well for you both,,,,best wishes,,,,,, :)

Great news on both counts, but well done you for the improvement.

Kim xxxx


So happy for you,that things are slowly coming together,good one! Let us know how things continue & take care of yourself.

Love Wendells xx

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