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A great day with all my family

A great day with all my family

Had a really good day yesterday, tiring but good. We all meet at my eldest sons pub in Wiltshire had a great lunch and the boys were able to catch up with each other. They don't see much of one another with Oliver at the pub and Tom and his family based in Germany.

I've tried to post a snap, not the best of snaps but at least we're all in it.

Hope you all are having as good an Easter as I am. XX

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Lovely family pic,Baldie.So glad you enjoyed your day,your sons. Etc.would have been so pleased to have a family get together,not to mention your wife!

You better put your feet up today to recover!!

Cheers Wendells xxx


Hi Baldie it's a good photo cus it's nice to see the people we're chatting with.

We had daughter and grandson over, jeez how does he get to be so tall. The end of the day found Ann and I tired tired but happy - and the same again today but being on our own we can doze as the fancy takes us.

Good to hear you had all the family over - thanks for sharing.

Good luck,



Great stuff,, hoping you have many more great days...


Very nice Baldie.I hope you will all be able to get tgether again soon


Ah, melts the cockles of your heart as they say. I'm glad you had a lovely time together, family are so important aren't they?

Take care x


A lovely photo and I think I guessed which one was you Baldie lol.

What a lovely reunion you had. You are a lovely looking family. i think you said you son was serving in Germany.

We had all the family Saturday and loved it. I cooked a Nigella Italian Traybake meal which was demolished with a gooey hot chocolate and fudge cake thing. I didn't have any as I'm not that keen on chocolate, the only woman in the world perhaps. Worn out when they went.

Lynne xx


Agree with you Lynne, not bothered about chocolate, give me a nice fresh fruit salad any day

Carole x


What a lovely photo. So nice when the family get together. Doesn't happen often eough - we are all scattered around.


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