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Asthma/chest inf,

Iv been to my local hospital twice this week,was given amoxicillin onthe first visit ,I went again yesterday because my cough was so painfull, this doc said I had a lot of inflammation and possibly a virus,I was coughing that bad I wet myself,he said to stop amoxicillin ,which does nothing for me anyway ,never has,so he gave me steroids instead,,and to take them right way,can a virus made me feel so bad,the cough has lessened thank you,and my peak flow is gradually going back throats been bad too,any ideas?

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It sounds like you need checking over properly and the medication sorted out. Normally you would have antibiotics and steroids for a chest infection, but it needs sorting out by your GP so you have them available as you need them, instead of having to go to hospital and so on.

Yes, a virus can make you very bad. It depends what you get of course, I've just had a chest infection then pleurisy, and that's not very nice at all. I've had 5 weeks of antibiotics and 2 weeks of steroids in the last 6 weeks... I still have a sore throat, but not coughing any more, which is good news as it was painful.

Once amoxicillin stops having an effect you need your GP to change the AB for you. Unless you tell them it's not working they just assume it is.

Ask if there's a specialist nurse you can be referred to, even if it's at another GP's surgery. In my area they've been known to send people to see one of my former nurses as she was a bit of a chest specialist. Sadly, she's moved on now.

I'm takin the amoxicillin till I can see my doc on tues ,as they were shut yest, and will b shut on mon ,I told that to the doc at the a@e ,but he still gave them to me ,il take them as I have nothing else,I'm really fed up Gordon ,it's been a rotten winter for me

I think iv got a cold on my chest I can feel it but it's not coming out ,if it would come out I'd b better

Not doing too well on clarithromycin,non stop coughing all the time

You need to give them time to work, 48 hours or so.

I started all this coughing when i started the tabs,it must be the tabs or something I think

Just been checked at my docs,just got a bit of a wheeze left now Gordon,and my peak flow is a bit better,but my throat very sore,especially when I cough,the cough has been unbearable,doc says my throat is inflamed a bit but that could b with the all the coughing iv done,my peak was 450atthe docs which is better than the other day ,which was only390.theyv booked me in for an asthma review clinic on the 16th,they said I should slowly mend now ,but iv had 3wks of hell,I don't want to go through this again in a hurry

Hi meg, I am exactly the same as you, really fed up with it all, have been on antibiotics and steriods on and off since new year, I think it is viral most of the time though which we can't do much about, I too have the sore throat, we need some warm weather, been a long winter this year, take care and stay warm x

Best wishes Ju

Thank u,I had a really bad nite last nite,the doc at the a@e gave me amoxicillin ,I told him they don't work on me but he took no noice,I'm taking them coz iv nothing else,and the docs r shut till tues just need to get this stuff off my chest o I can breathe,mite ring the chemist after

My doctor told me when I am about to cough grab a cushion and hug it tightly just below the rib cage, magic.

My local pharmacist sold me a bottle of Robitussin Chesty Cough Mixture, he says there is nothing in it that can do any harm with all the pills and potions I take, but it does loosen up the rubbish.


Thank you

Hi Meg, I find half a lemon squeezed into a cup with hot water and a spoon or two of honey often does the trick when things feel "stuck".

I'm Vi, by the way. I joined recently and keep meaning to say hello, but I get side-tracked reading what everyone else says. You have a really great support group going here and I've learned a lot already from you all.

Thank you

Hi Meg.

Keep an eye out to see that they don't try to give you amoxiclav as a substitute - still almost as cheap as amoxycillin and is the same plus clavulanic acid, which sometimes neutralises whatever can stop amoxycillin working. It was no better than amoxycillin for me though.


Iv started on clarithromycin,iv done nothin but cough since I started it,my ribs r killing me

Ok xxxx

Hi Meg I have an asthma component to my copd. My respiratory consultant often puts me on a course of steroids for viral infections because I get extra inflamation in my lungs that makes me cough and cough and cough. They work every time and get rid of the cough.

Iv been on a weeks course of steroids and they haven't touched it

It's so reassuring to read everyone's comments about fighting the latest bug which I genuinely thought would finish me off yesterday - at least I'm not alone - but I'm getting through a hell of a lot of oxygen!

I have the "panic pack" which was originally amoxycillin and prednisolone but it was virtually two weeks on and two weeks off so my Doctor changed it to 14 days of Clarithromycin with 10 days of steroids. She said that amoxycillin wasn't being used for these infections any more - I think she said they're not strong enough (but don't hold me to that!)

Good luck everyone!


I think there rubbish,I was at the hospital the other night on a nebuliser then they dished out amoxicillin to bring home ,rubbish. That's y had to call the oc today ,then my lovely neighbour went to get my meds from chemist for me,bless her

Agreed but they did work for tooth and gum infections!

Thank goodness for your neighbour - she's a treasure.

I know she had a car,and I couldn't go out as it was so cold and I felt so rotten ,so I asked if she would collect my meds ,which is lovely of he,she lives alone like me,we're both widows

It might be worth finding a local chemist who will deliver.

I phone mine, they organise my prescription from the surgery and deliver a few days later.

It's a brilliant service and I don't know how they can afford to do it but it makes my life so much easier.

I normally get my repeat meds delivered once a month ,but this was an emergency that's y I asked my neighbor to get the a/b for me

I started clarithrromycin yest forthis chest/throat inf, iv done nothing but cough or englandsonce I started them,is this normal?

My ribs r killing me with all this coughing

I suffer with copd and since New Year I have had one virus after another, picking them up from my great niece who comes and stays with us periodically. I have coughed and coughed and coughed where I am so sore and could not sleep at night. I have had Amoxycillin and Clarithromycin which made no difference at all because it was viral plus I was using my ventolin every 2 - 4 hours, even during the night. I was put on a 5 day course of steroids which helped but as soon as they were finished everything started all over again. You get to the place when you think you will never be well again. Back to the doctor and was put on a 10 day course of steroids. After the steroids I had stopped coughing but still wheezing a bit, but nothing like I was. This weather does not help so most of the time I stay indoors, not doing much exercise and just waiting for the sun to start shining and the temperatures get warmer. It seems endless but know we will soon all get over these viruses. Take care and keep warm.

I have asthma,I had a cold ,it went on my chest ,that's when ll this started iv only another day left on my steroids ,but I'm still wheezy and my peak flow hasn't improved at all,and 1ore day on a/b, just wondering if it is a virus ,but uv given me something to think about,I'm using my bricaanyl every 2-3hrs also

Gonna see the nurse practioner tomoz she deals with stuff like this ,without havin to see the doc,see if she can sor me out

Iv just gone on a 10 day course of steroids,my upper respir still ot good my peak flow is450.not good for me I feel it's never going to clear

Wonder if it may b bronchitis ,normally things would have cleared up by now on 2lots of a/b and steroids,

Hope so ,il b glad to se the backlog this winter

Hi Meg - I had to go back to the ddoctor because I was not feeling well, wheezing again and starting to cough again. He said that because I had had a few high doses of predisolne that I had come off them too quickly and have to take 6 for 7 days, 5 for 7 days etc and finish off with 1 for 7 days - have to wean off them. Thats all very well but I have side effects now - wobbly legs feeling like cramping and weak muscles. Also went to asthma nurse and she says that I also have asthma on top of the copd and has put me on 125 micrograms seretide which seems to be helping. No more wheezing or coughing but dealing with withdrawal from steroids. Would be good to feel well again. Hopefully this will sort it out. Done a lot of damage to my lungs the last three months. Think this winter's viruses have been very bad for us copd and asthma sufferers.

U can say that again,I haven't felt well since jan,the wheeze seems to b getting less ,but my chest still feel tight,I thing thers still some gunk down ther to come up,I can feel it,I'm really fed up with it all

Iv been on seretide 250 for about 2yrs,I started on the 500 ,did well so my asthma nurse dropped me to 250

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