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Looking forward to a good Easter


Hi. Madam and I are very excited as we have our youngest son Tom, his wife and our beautiful granddaughter, 16 months old, to stay for a week. Tom's is in the army stationed in Germany so visits are few and far between. We're all off to our other son Oliver's pub for the day on Sunday and one of his famous Sunday carveries so we will all be together, quite a rare occurrence.

I hope all you 'bloggers' have as happy an Easter as we hope to have.

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Sounds perfect, 16 months old granddaughter will be the highlight of the week, just a beautiful age. Have a great family get together. Happy Easter.

Lib x

Baldie in reply to libbygood

You're so right about our granddaughter. I just managed to read her a short story, without coughing too much, whilst she sat on my lap. Things don't get much better that that. X

Perfect! Grab these opportunities while you can isn't it? I'll be spending Easter Sunday in hospital having an operation so our Easter Sunday will be Easter Saturday lol! Just had the conversation with my 6 year old about the Easter Bunny and how will he know to come tomorrow instead........................so I was honest and said it was mammy and daddy and nanny etc who buys the eggs etc. Thankfully, she is ok about it, phew!

Enjoy ur day xxx

Hidden in reply to tanyamarie

Oh tanyamarie,what a way to spend Easter,I do wish you well with it all.Children are marvelous,they take everything in there stride don't they?

Take care, love Wendells xxx

tanyamarie in reply to Hidden

thanks hun xx


How beautiful Baldie,what a wonderful Easter for you.You will have to put a photo up,of the family gathering! 16 months is such a gorgeous age,they are so curious about everything,just love the enthusiasm of them,& yearn for there energy!!

Love Wendells xx


You all have a great day :)

Enjoy your Easter Baldie.Have some laughs along the way.

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