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I used to wonder when walking why is everyone ahead of me. I did notice I was a bit breathless but took no notice. I admit I loved my cigs and smoked up to 30 a day but have also been a big smoker for over thirty years. One day during a short walk I found that I was unable to move as I could not breath and was taken to hospital. I was 50 years of age and told that I had the onset of Copd if I did not give up my condition would deteriorate and would be on oxygen by the time I was 60. I'm pleased to say I have not smoked since I take seretide an salbutamol and can do most things. If you smoke It's true your condition will deteriorate - so don't be in denial and give up if you want to live longer. Believe it or not after 3 years I still want to smoke - but want a better quality of life and to live longer more.

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  • Oh well done icanbreath its great that you have given up the fags! I am still fighting that battle myself. Isn't it annoying when the people you are with race ahead and leave you behind?

    bev x

  • Hi Bev now I've quit I'm now up to speed with most people now - but used Niquitin chewing to help me - and I'm still chewing them so replaced one addiction with another. I have checked with my GP and have been told better than smoking so not harmful. :)

  • Well done to all wh have given up the FAGS. I loved smoking and could never have seen me stopping, but one day I did, two years later I feel great, best thing I have ever done for myself.

    David 1968

  • Those with known COPD who continue to smoke suffer a more rapid decline in their lung function than those who stop completely

    All that needs be said if you are in hurry to meet your maker keep smoking the fast lane for decline is open with estimates of 15% unable / unwilling to quit smoking.

  • Hi Rocket as I understand it COPD is a smoking related disease. We must also remember that smoking is an addiction and is a difficult habit to beat. It was the shock of this illness that enabled me to quit with the aid of Niquitin. So lets not be to harsh on the smokers out there - Whilst giving up smoking is the best medicine for this illness - lets be encouraging to all those who are trying to give up. :)

  • Whilst there is no doubt that smoking is the major cause of copd there are other causes including occupational exposure to dusts, chemicals, indoor pollution from wood-burning and coal-burning stoves, air pollution and certain inherited diseases. There's nothing like the cold, bare facts to make you give up smoking and most of us here shut the gate after the horse had bolted. If there's one subject that attracts a lot of attention on this forum it's giving up cigarettes and I have never seen any comment less than encouraging to people trying to quit. If stating facts that may seem a little harsh then it's all to the good if it helps even just one person quit.

  • I smoked for 60 years and over the last few years, tried to give up but they were half-hearted attempts. This time, I really mean it and it is only two weeks since I had my last cigarette but already my breathing is slightly better. This came about after being diagnosed with COPD and having one chest infection after another. When I got to the stage when I could hardly draw on the cigarettes as I gasped for air, that was it for me. I'm using niquitin patches and mini lozenges advised by the local none smoking service. Went for breath test today for carbon monoxide levels and they are down to 1 from 7 when I smoked. My spirometry test is next month when I will find out about my oxygen levels.

    I am so glad I joined this forum because I've had nothing but positive encouraging words from the lovely people on here.

    Best wishes, Marina.

  • You are doing a GREAT job. xx

  • A very real account of the toll continuing with smoking will take:

    Waiting on the transplant list "I did not quit smoking in time" a harsh warning never release the smoker that remains with us always.

  • Oh I am sorry to hear that you are now waiting for transplant. You are not on your own - wish you well for the future. :)

  • I'm so glad I gave up, I feel so much better for it.

    I now dislike the smell of it but I still dream (in my sleep) about having one after 15 months. Two nights ago I dream I was smoking and in my dream I was telling myself off for doing it, then I woke up and was so relieved that I hadn't.

    Any urges to smoke now are so fleeting, they barely register. I think losing the nicotine addiction as well has helped with that, but for those who are still on patches, lozenges etc, it is much better than smoking.

    Lynne xx

  • Hi Lynne - your comments made me laugh - I do have dreams about smoking and it's such a relief to wake up and realise its a dream. Just wish I could kick the nicotine addiction - I've tried to wean myself of the chewing gum and have gone down to 2mg - but don't like it and end up bk on 4mg. I'm working and spend about £10 a week on them - which is £40 a month - may try saving this money to treat myself - but have to get the mind set to do it. :)

  • Well done to you - I loved smoking and its now 6 months since I stopped. I have to admit sometimes I could kill for a cigarette, but its only lasts for seconds and the fact that I shall live longer outweighs the craving. Its taken this long for me to feel really good health wise and I feel alive again. Really hope you feel good through not smoking too.

  • Hi all,I stopped two years ago when diagnosed with copd.stopping is one of the hardest things to do,but I have grandchildren I love spending time with.did it for me good luck to anyone who has stopped,and all those trying.its a long road but worth it in the end.

  • Hi Jambo well done - I have grandchildren and did not want this dreaded illness to stop me from seeing my great grandchildren when they arrive :)

  • I stopped nearly 3 years ago with the help of patches and a non smoking nurse at the doctors. Didnt think I could stop after 53 years. I was discharged from the hospital chest clinic last summer and told that my COPD would not get any worse and quitting smoking had saved my life. I have a friend who cant give up who would benefit from oxygen but obviously cannot have it whilst smoking. Hope she will manage it soon.

  • I gave up smoking 2 years ago and don't get any urges to have one. I'm one of the lucky ones in that respect.

  • I am on day 3 of giving up smoking after nearly 50 years, I am struggling at the moment, but I do hope I manage to quit, was diagnosed with COPD 6 years ago.

  • Hi lizzie - just take it one day at a time - you will get there in the end. :)

  • Thats all I can do, this is about my 4th attemp to give them up.

  • Hi Lizziedoll,it took me a while to give up completely, I have been off them for 2 years now but it took several attempts, try to stick with it but if you do relapse don't beat yourself up, try again and you will get there in the end,the benefits you will feel is worth it,good luck and breath easy.

    Best wishes Ju x

  • Thank you, this is my 2nd time at stop smoking group, did better this time and if I FAIL THIS TIME i KNOW i CAN GO BACK.X

  • Sometimes a little support from others is all you need x

  • Hi lizzie,

    Good luck with my fingers crossed for you,you can do it when you know you have to. :)

  • Thank you so much.

  • You can do it Lizzie, one step at a time. x

  • Thanks Jambo, will give it a good try.

  • I stopped smoking 5 days 14 hours and 35 mins ago I am not thinking about it at all as you can tell,but even after such a short time my cough has abated in fact I am worried that I am no longer getting rid of all that gung in my lungs. I used to smoke 35 a day and I have severe COPD and need oxygen at home so if I manage to keep off the cigs I will maybe be able to sleep at night. So good luck to everyone who is trying WE CAN DO IT

  • You are right, you can do it. Well done. x

  • HI kizz. I seem to be as near your equal in terms of condition, ozygen etc. BUT the smoking!!!! Would you just imagine writing " I have lost my 5days,14hrs and 35mins. " that will hurt you to start from scratch Go get regular carb/mon checks and see how soon you get to Zero. you probably are already. Wow how can you give in???Also if you get worse and go to Hospital you definatly cannot smoke so let us ride this out together and hopefully give each other encouragement. will be glad of feed back

  • Well done, hopefull I will manage to keep this up.

  • LizzieDoll. You are doing so well and the best thing is, keep coming here and telling us how you feel. I'm only on day13 without and I tried so many times before. People on here have been so kind and encouraging. Each day gets better and try to do it an hour at a time or even 5minutes at a time. You can do it. Don't let it beat you. If I can do it , you can. I smoked for 60 years.

    Best wishes,

    Marina x

  • Keep going teabag. x

  • Will do auntymary. Thanks x

  • Managed so far today, long may it continue.

  • Lizzie and Kizz. You are already non smokers so well done.. at first we all think we can not give up especially if we have tried many times before. BUT this is your time,to shine. the days do get easier. I am now 8weeks and 4 days along the rocky road to freedom and better health. Good luck xx

  • Thank you.

  • Well done nixy. x

  • thank you. It is nice to know people care xx

  • Over the years one of the questions I asked my doctor "why can I not stop smoking"

    He replied "You won't give up until your ready to - or you find a reason to stop" So well done Bethco for finding your reason to give up smoking. :)

  • Keep talking to my mate WILL POWER all of you.

    And get a daily tonic of humour from my blogs.


  • I agree with everything you say. But I have only got to the 6 week barrier. How ever it is hard to convince someone not to wait until you are critically ill to make you stop. That seems to be the way it goes though including my self.

  • Hi Tigree (only got tho the six week barrier) that's fantastic. :)

  • Thank you I have a long way to go yet.

  • What do peoplethink to e cigs? Been using them for a week in place of real cigs.

  • Hi Brooke there so many alternatives to help u stop smoking. E cigs are very popular at the moment - if it helps u then that's fine - just ensure you buy them from reputable shops. You should be able to get smoking aids on prescription free for approx 6 months.:)

  • Thanks for replying. I buy them from the chemist. Not cheap!!

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