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a question about concentrators

hello,i havent been around for some time,but was interested in the concentrator in the spare bed room blog. having a review soon. atm i manage with ambulatory 02

i would have to site a concentrator in my bedroom or lounge , would this cause a problem, or do others manage ok. i know they are noisy and warm ..but . scooter and cylinders occupy a small hallway.

i am so sorry for the probs some of you are facing it must be a nightmare...i hope it will work out for you. M

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I have had the concentrator in my bedroom for several years and it only became a problem when it was replaced with a much more modern quiet concentrator, I had become so used to the gentle hum that sleep without a sound was difficult raising concerns over it still working or not, In my experience most things can be acclimatised to in time living beside a railway the trains would be heard at first then not in time until they stopped when the silence would be the unusual noise.

Oxygen is not always required in the treatment of this disease although ambulatory oxygen is an indicator at some point LTOT may be a benefit for yourself, as no stranger to oxygen the positives are already known and if the future holds what you believe then it's further use should not be as daunting as coming out of hospital straight into your own mini hospital with all the trappings they bring.


I store mine in a spare bedroom but initially had it under the stair well in the sitting room. I have not had any problems at all. As Bilbo said there is a gentle hum but this can't be heard unless I actively listen out for it.


thank you,auntymary, and Bilbo,its been quite a week, but we keep on going, the cupboard might be a solution,but will have to see what happens.i know the benefits ,they are amazing !!.

i didnt know that sea gulls dont sleep in the summer months and are already an early alarm clock , until i moved here 18 months ago, the locals dont hear them,so it shows we can get used to anything.

thank you for replying,i was wondering if it needed to .be in a room we dont occupy,so i was a bit concerned.


A cupboard is not really a good idea. There needs to be free flowing air around the concentrator. I am sure the oxygen company will advise. :)


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