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should l go away

hi all l have copd l have oxygen 16 hrs every day and use nebuliser machine every 2 hrs l have been going to spain for 6 months every year for the last 9 years, coming home this time l was told l had to use oxygen, l am wondering now where to go back to spain in april lots of thoughts going though my mind, should l put my wife though the worry if anything happens to me when we are in spain, but l feel to stay home l dont go out l just stay in bed most of the time or l get up only for a few hours and only watch t.v or l am an the computor l feel is this all l have to look forward to or am l just being selfish.

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Please forgive my ignorance I had always thought that oxygen would be needed for travel when it was needed for most of the day that could be in bed or watching tv, I am eager to learn so that | can see the problem.

I have oxygen 15 hours a day but most I have at night when I'm asleep. The other hours I make up during the day when I'm watching a bit of TV.

Hi british

Have you discussed your worries with your wife? The oxygen you have been advised to use is this for flying?

Please give us a call on the helpline so we can discuss this further with you - 0300 030 555.



How does Mrs. British feel.


I know where I would sooner be.I am not allowed to fly because of my conditions,if only.

Agreed with a fit to fly from the doctors I would be there as long as medical advice suggests this would ease concern for Mrs british as the risks have expert assessment behind them.

my wife feels we should go if all is good with results from consultant on april15th, l am driving as l can not fly. my wife has arranged for oxygen to be waiting for us and they surply portable for trips out, free of charge as with E H I C . but l need a portable machine to travel in car and when l am in hotel and on ship one night so l just purchase a portable concentrator, as the hospital will not let you take there machines out of the country. which the portables can be used from car lighter and charge in car, and of course plug into mains in house, they are not cheap £3000, but l have just picked one up brand new £1100, still a lot but worth it if l can still travel and get around, as l can use it when on mobilty bike as l cant walk much only a few steps. l would also like to ask have any of you been told about having some of your lungs removed to put in values to help breath or having a lung transplant, which my consultant spoke to me about that is why l am waiting till 15th to see if he will let me go away. thank you for listening and your replys

Hello, I am in the same position as your wife, I am healthy but my husband is like yourself, oxygen minimum 16 hours a day, ambulatory oxygen, nebulisers etc. etc. but all he does is sit down from am to pm and do nothing at all. He refuses to go out in the cold, wet weather and does not like me going out either so it causes arguments therefore I stay in which stresses me out as I may as well have the same illness as him for all the good my good health is doing me.

If your results are fine, and you have the inclination to drive all the way to Spain (my husband can also drive for 1000's miles without any problems at all.) I would definitely go, if I was your wife and you wished to spend 6 months in Spain I would be there with you like a shot, if for any reason you were taken ill over there, as long as you have the correct insurance for your illness I would not worry, you would get excellent treatment. The upside is you will have the lovely weather and your wife will still visit you in hospital the same as in England.

You have had the good sense to buy a concentrator and you will also be taking enough oxygen cylinders with you, the conservers will ensure your oxygen will last you for hours, you will also take your nebuliser with you so it will be home from home. You have also ensured there will be oxygen at your destination, for you to take out on trips etc.

I hope you get the all clear, and if I was in your shoes we would leave England in October and come back end April and miss the winter altogether.

Our sons have asked us to go to Devon with them in August for a week and you should have heard all the I can't it is too far, what if I am taken ill, what about this, what about that carry on. If I asked him to go to Spain he would have a fit. You live your life as you want but make sure you get the all clear from your doctor and have it in writing as you will need this for your insurance.

My husband asked about lung reduction and the specialist said it would not make any difference to him as his lungs are so diseased there would not be a large enough piece of lung to take out.

Good luck with your results, I am so very jealous, I wish my husband had more up and go as you have.

hi thanks for writing my husband showed me your email when l started reading l thought it was me, you are not alone in how you feel my husband is petty the same as yours he dont like me going out as soon as l mention shops the fear on his face, we do have rows about it but l still go, maybe not as much as l used to, as sometimes l feel l have to be away from him or l would scream. l do understand about there health but sometimes you may feel the same as me that it is all about them, that does not mean l dont love him or want something to happen to him, but l dont know about you but any one l see they always asked hows peter (that is my husband ) but none asks how are you gaynor ( thats me ) they dont know how it is to live every day with fear of waking one morning to see him gone the sleepless nights l have looking to see if he is ok or when they say he is having trouble breathing or coughing and he cant get his breath and l am thinking is this it. or the waiting and carrying l do all day, and sometimes the abuse l have to put up with. That is why l do try and get him out now and again just coming around asda once a month on his moblity bike or calling to see his family, just so l can have a bit of normalaty in our lives, that is why l want to go to spain as he his a differant man we brought a little dog he will go out every day on his bike to take dog for walk we see more people and will go down beach and sit for a few hours, and here at home we just look at the 4 walls, l do feel we dont know how long we have together, so we must try and do what we can when we can. and not try to just sit and give up,

I have appointments for assessment for pulmonary lung valves, there is a link to a blog if you are interested:

Carole x

thank you l will read up on it

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