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Home Oxygen - Liquid or Gas

I have recently started using liquid oxygen at 8lpm. I find that the flask I have doesn't last long. I am forever refilling the flask and I have been told that the maximum number of flasks I can have is 2. I would like to know how others have got on with liquid oxygen and how they arrange their outings to fit in with the 2 hour maximum usage from a flask. Maybe I should go back to my cylinder at 6lpm with a conserver. Please tell me your experiences.

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Have you spoken to your respitarory nurse or doctor I would have thought that if you are on a high rate of oxygen but still want to get out and about they would have to do their best to aid and support you. I am on oxygen but only 2lpm so I can use my flask on on demand and it lasts 8 hrs. I would have thought one of those portable concentrators would do the job. I know they are expensive but it would be worth seeing if you could have one on the NHS. I borrow one from Air Liquide when I go on holiday in out caravan.

Carole x


Hi I use liquid have done for about a year ,mine lasts about 3 hours the same as the gas ones if I'm going out I put one in the car .I'm on 4 lit I also have a gas one in the car for back up as the liquid one can bleed out x


Hi I spoke to my respiratory nurse explained that the flasks were to small to go for more than five hours and asked if I could retain my DD cylinders with the conserver, at the moment I have four cylinders which lets me go away for the day and also lets me go away on days away with our caravan. If you think about a portable concentrator check the concentration some are as low as 30% O2


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