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Worried mum!

Hello everyone, not sure if this is the right place to be but thought i would try. My daughter is 28years young and has just been told she has some form of COPD. She has never smoked in her life, she has had a lot of other health problems all her life but this one has knocked me for six. I am being strong for her though, she has got to go through a lot more tests yet to find out the extent of the damage so dont know what the outcome will be. I just needed to talk to someone, i have other family members but dont want to let on to them how worried i am. Sorry if this is the wrong place, but can anyone understand how i feel??? Im so scared for her future!

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Essexlass you have come to exactly the right place. All of us here either have or a close family member has COPD. First thing, relax because she does not smoke this is not a death sentence. Smoking is the worst possible thing to do with COPD. As she does not she will go on for years.

Now your daughter needs to see her GP possibly a respiratory nurse and have a full assessment. From what you have said your worst fears are groundless.

On Monday do ring the BLF on 3000 030 555.

Take care,


Thank you Homebreeze, she is waiting to have more tests done at the brompton hospital, they are having her in soon so should know more when we get the results.

Thank you also for the BLF number, i will call them. Thank you so much.

There is a digit missing - it's 03000 030 555 :) Open M-F from 10am-6pm

Should be 03000 030 555 BLF Helpline

You are in the very right place - believe me there are so many friendly,knowledgeable and lovely people here. You and your daughter will have lots of support here. I cant give personal advice about COPD but there are plenty that can.

I know that you both will get plenty of support. Love and best wishes for your peace of mind -- love Annie80x

Hello Annie80, Thank you so much, it has helped me just knowing someone has replied and understands, love essexlass x

Am sorry to hear about you kids health problems but .. Yes think your at the right place .. Sure others will confirm feel free to have a rant or pour uou hart out we sre a helpfull lot ... And there is BLF helpline modaratiors who are always about in case we get bit dizzy

All the best :)

Hello Dazisnotsogood, Thank you, your message made me smile, i would put a happy face on this but im not to clever with all this computor stuff yet, im still learning!, I have been given the BLF helpline number so will give them a call,

Thank you again, nice to meet you all.

Hi essexlass, The first thing you have got to do is calm down as this may turn out to be nothing serious. Wait for the diagnosis and take it from there. People always fear the very worst as I have myself, but its rare that things turn out so bad. Goodluck to you and your daughter. Tony.

Hello Tony, Thank you, by finding and reading some of the comments and bloggs on this site it has made me feel a bit better, and by the replies i have got so quick aswell it has give me some reasurance that i dont feel so alone. So thank you, elaine

Hello Stitch thank you for your message.

Yes we will both be able to cope and deal with things when we know exactly what it is she has. Thank you again


When you call the helpline you can also ask them to send their info pack to you, lots of very useful information.

You may be scared now but there's every chance she will still outlive you :) A lot depends on how severe the condition is, how it is treated and how she looks after herself. There are hundreds of people taking part in these forums, as well as the thousands out there, who are still able to lead a pretty normal lifestyle.

Hello Gordon57

Thank you, i will ring them and ask for the pack, all imformation is a great help

Im so glad i joined this site.

Hi and welcome Essexlass. Try not to worry too much. Some people on here have had COPD for 20 years and are still going strong !

Hi Puffthemagicdragon.

Thank you for the welcome.

Sorry for the delay in my reply to you and everyone else who

has sent me a message. The support is amazing.

Bless you Essexlass this is exactly the right place to come. Here you will find lots of support, help and understanding. You must be very worried about your daughter but lots of people here have had lung disease for many years and are still very much alive and kicking. Gordon is absolutely correct in what he says.

Come in anytime we are all here for you. And a nicer bunch of people you couldn't wish to meet!

Bev x

Hello Hypercat,

Thank you so much, i cant believe how nice and friendly and supportive everyone is.

Its realy amazing. It is so nice and has made me feel as if i can support my daugjter much better now as if im not sure about something im sure someone here will know the answer.

Thank you

Elaine x

Thank goodness she is going to the Royal Bromptom they are fantastic at diagnosing and treating and i'm sure will offer her the best possible care. At 28 with no smoking history she needs to be thoroughly tested and they really are one of the best hospitals to do it.

Wishing you the best of luck.

Hi Rattles.

Yes we do feel lucky now we are going to the brompton. Its taken us nearly a year mind you to get to this. point. Better late than never though

I'm sure things will work out fine. As suggested, ring the BLF and they can provide lots of advice and support. This site as very good too, I have learned such a lot from it.

Lynne xx

Hi Lnne.

Thank you, ive learned so much already, mainly how nice people are to total strangers.

Elaine xx

I was diagnosed very recently with COPD and this website was my best 'treatment' - felt and feel so much better knowing that there is this forum with all kinds of advice and support - in the meantime, try not to worry too much (easy to say, I know). It's just great having people here with all of their combined experience and knowledge of this disease - hope the news is good after the hospital tests.


Hello Dedalus.

Sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis, i know how you feel about this site though.

People are so nice and friendly and such a support.

I dont get much time to come on here what with work and everyday bits, but will use it and log in as much and as often as i can. Hope your okay.


Welcome to our home, this is the best possible place to be, wonderful people on here always ready to listen, send our best wishes to your daughter.

Hello Sweetthing12.

Thank you, its a lovely home. I will visit as much and as often as i can.

I will let my daughter know.

Hi Essexlass

Ditto to all of the above, this is a great place for help and advice. I will keep my fingers crossed that your daughter gets all the help she needs.

COPD is NOT a death sentence, like many I panicked too but I am 66 and still bouncing (sort of) around

Keep in touch


Hi Jandan.

Thank you, i must admit that was my first thought, but since joinging this sit my fears are slowly going, so thank you to each and everyone of you.

I will let you know when we get the results of all the tests.


welcome Essexlass, well done you for reaching out. It's wonderful that you're daughter's attached to the Brompton, I;ve heard nothing but good about it. P

Hello Peeg.

Thank you for the welcome, it is a lovely place here and so helpfull and friendly.

We feel lucky we are at the brompton but it has taken nearly a year.

Still she is under them now and thats all that matters.


Hi Essexlass

Sorry your daughter is having respiratory health issues but really glad you have joined a group who really 'get it'. Incidentally this site is not exclusive to copd but to members who have a variety of respiratory conditions.

I am sure you are quite overwhelmed at the moment, but please be reassured by the fact your daughter is being reviewed by the Royal Brompton, which has an excellent reputation and I know some folks who attend and are very confident with the treatment and support they receive.

You can live a very fulfilling life with lung disease. I am 64 and have had non cf bronchiectasis since I was a baby. Respiratory medical tests and treatment have improved so much and will continue to improve within your daughter's lifetime.

The Brompton will defo give your daughter a proper diagnosis and you will then not only know what you are dealing with but how to manage it well.

Please let us know how your daughter gets on.

Love, hugs and best wishes.


Hi Cofdrop.

Thank you for your message.

Some of the storys i have read on here are amazing, it has given me so much more hope now, i cant explain how people like yourself ( total stangers ) have helped me so much already by the encouraging words and aupport you have all given.

I feel very lucky i found this site.

I will let you know as soon as we get some results.

Elaine xxx

We help because we were all new once and had such a good welcome ourselves. The other thing is we have all been through the initial shock of finding out we have a lung problem and know what it's like.. Also we have probably found some good ways of managing it.

Hi Essexlass. There are lots of lovely, helpful people on this site and as many have said already, this is definitely the place for a rant or two, amongst people who know what you and your daughter are going through! The Brompton is a great hospital, too. Please keep us posted as to how your daughter gets on.

Love and hugs,

Jude xx

Hello Spritz..

Thank you for the support, its lovely to hear so many of you praise the brompton.

We do feel lucky that my daughter has at last seen a doctor there and they are going to find out what they can do to help.

Elaine xx

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