What a weekend!

Saturday I woke up around 8.20 am and checked my IPad to see if OH had turned on my desktop downstairs .. (to connect me to Wifi).. He should have been up ..decided to check and fou,Nd thaT he was laid out on the floor ,mumbling and pawing his right side .Obviously had had a stroke fortunately I had got the Waverly help line pendant in the bathroom.

Pressed that got in my stair lift clutching oxygen bottle and downstairs found that they asking how they could help

Our welfare officer arrived at8.40 and ambulance at 8.45. Brilliant as it usually take 30 mins on a weekday ..they cared for him and were away by 10.am Sounds a long time but they really got him stable in that time

A and E and then the MAU spent around 4 to 5 hours treating him. and when I went

In he was partialy paralysed and still mumbling

Today daughter and SIL arrived, They thought he was good but I saw that the improvement was amazing.

Neighbours have been great and welfare too. But still used more oxygen than normal yesterday. So it has been somewhat of a strain.

At least both of are still alive.


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  • So sorry about your partner. These things happen suddenly, but we cope. It is good you have a caring daughter. I hope that your partner's condition gets better soon. And look after yourself, All the very best from Annie80

  • Thanks Annie,

    Won't go into the details but OH was a Master 'Mariner so the children (now in their 40/50s ) knew lthat friends died in the dangerous envionment so we have a very different view on life and death. OH always said that 1/2 Steel between you and your God then you believe!

    When you gotta go then you Gotta go so why spend your time worrying about it..Enjoy what's left

  • That must have been a hell of a shock for all of you Myma. I am so glad he is improving and hopefully he will be out of hospital soon. Make sure you look after yourself.

    Bev x

  • I can imagine what a horrible time you have had. sending my best wishes to you all.xxx

  • What a shock for you. I wish him a speedy recovery Myma.

    Lynne xx

  • That was some weekend! hope you OH, continues to improve each day,who's taking care of you now,hope you will be ok. Carol x

  • Every good wish for a speedy recovery. Great to hear of the improvement .

  • Thank you all for your kind support..

    The Sister on duty in A&E also treated him in MAU and was in charge when he went to the Ward..So was easy for us to give a good description of him. Things like being used a fixed routine and reluctant to delegate!! All of help to his rehab.

    Physio stars today, He has a chest infection which is the big worry now ,so pleased he will have to get moving.. Can now move previously paralyzed right arm and speech more lucid.


  • Good to hear that he is movement and speech are improved. What a worry for you. Wishing him a very speedy recovery and please remember to look after yourself. With much love TAD xx

  • My very best wishes for a speedy recovery,it must have been such a shock and a worrying time for you all, god bless xxx


  • Pleased the news is a bit better and as Tadaw said remember your own health as well because you are important too



  • Wishing you and OH well and a very speedy recovery. Do take care of yourself and what a great philosophy you have on life. Thinking of you. xxx

  • What a shock for you, wishing OH a speady recovery. Look after yourself xxxx

  • A very worrying time for you Myma, do hope all goes well for your partner with a great full recovery. You take care of yourself, let us know how things are going.

    Doreen xxx

  • Myma wishing you and OH better soon thinking of you Path x x

  • Myma what a shock and worry for you. Hope things are better each day. You take care of yourself and here's wishing the OH a speedy recovery Samjo xx

  • Thank you all once more . Still alive anyway and his mind is OK .needs Physio of course for RHS hand and speech. Plenty of test results still to be assed so it will probably be some months! There is no way now that we can care for one another but no point in guessing. And leave it to Daughter and SIL who have been working out alternatives!


  • Well it has been a long trek\ but not as bad as it might have been.

    Daughter has come up\ Wed to Fri and both she and SIL on Sun .

    OH has done really well and we can see a distinct daily improvement. All Physios , physical and speech are pleased with him and compared with many of the other families, we are noisy,and pushy.Daughter is a top flight Nanny so knows how to make him re teach his brain. We make him search for the word that he's trying today rat.her than let him get away with just pointing! All end up giggling which is more productive than the family who keep patting their dad(granddads) hand and commiserating! (and he's made no progress

    I realise that OH was stressed by trying to look after me (which drove me mad but that would have have upset him if d complained ) So now

    I am arranging the simple amount of cate that Ineed before he eventually gets back with his own care package, so he won'.t be able to interfere.

    Health wise, like everyone else !!! Steroids antibiotics , some good breathing, some bad!

    Bout with OH away So much easier to cope with. Being able to sleep it off .


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