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Feeling tired .. and looking tired

..i was diagnosed with moderate copd just recently . Trying the stiff upper lip approach with those nearest and dearest to me . The " i can cope .. no probs" syndrome :).. Today someone mentioned i looked tired , my daughter was there at the time. I said i have a lung disease and it makes you feel tired .. OMG afterwards i felt like a drama queen .. wondered why i said that . Was i looking for sympathy !!

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Hi Susan,it sounds as if you are slowly coming to terms with things.The stiff upper lip,is not always the way to go!Every one needs a bit of ME time,with a bit of spoiling.You probably said those things in front of your daughter,needing some empathy! Maybe you need to have a chat with her,and let her know,you are worried deep down, and a little support needed.Good luck with it all,

Hugs Wendells xxx


My hubby has had this stiff upper lip attitude and it has taken a lot to break it down to find out how he is really feeling, sometimes it is easier to chat to strangers, perhaps you could write your thoughts down for your daughter and explain that you want to carry on but need some help with certain things. Keep smiling.


I was diagnosed almost a year ago Susan. At first I pretended that there was nothing wrong to the whole world. Now I will often explain I have lung disease but I can like with it fine. Which I do, but it explains my breathlessness as times to others around me.

It really does not affect my everyday life, I work, go to the gym and have an allotment, but I have some days where I puff along a bit and others when I can still run upstairs.

We are all different on here, as you will find out, but we learn what we each are capable of doing as well as what we can to do help ourselves. For me, that's exercise to work my lungs.

Lynne xx


I feel it for you, I hate it when anyone says I look tired! they might as well say you look like poo today! never mind, dont take it to heart instead take it as a reminder to yourself that you need some quality fun time, a new haido, some retail therapy or a nice long soak in the bath or a relax in your favourite corner with a good book ( or kindle ) or...well I could go on but you know what I mean :) chin up Susand xxx


Like Susand I too feel better when I exercise even though it sometimes feels as though I am just dragging myself around. A rest immediately afterwards works wonders and the cough and breathlessness usually improve. I haven't yet told my family either but will soon when other factors have been resolved. However, I really do appreciate that I can now rest without feeling guilty and am enjoying that aspect, a little silver lining! Give yourself some treats - feet up in front of the TV - a good book for an hour or two - whatever is your particular indulgence - and enjoy it!


Thank you all for your support, your comments are much appreciated. Talking to my daughter about my fears is a good starting point. She has invited me round tonight, a get together with friends for a curry night. I went to the hairdressers today and i will put some makeup on tonight and banish the tired unkempt being of yesterday :)

x x Susan


COPD Susan;





One day at a time love, good days, not so good days.




Try joining a Breathe Easy group in your area,you will make friends you can talk to.


Hi Susan, good to talk and share feelings, we all do this on here, and I agree with KingoftheCocktails, A breathe easy group really does help, you meet others who have the same condition and you get lots of good advice on how to cope, and also learn how best to excercise, ask your doctor where the nearest group is, and please join.

Take care xx


Stiff upper lip can only be cured by clip round ear with rolling pin. Do not use crowbar as too dangerous.


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