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i have recently been told i have copd caused by 30 yrs of smoking & 25 of those yrs smoking cannabis now trying to give it al up anyone the

on here going through the same. Found out that making cannabis tea has fantastic medicinal qualities gets rid of back pain & helps bring up all that gunge off chest reduces inflammation but i still want to smoke help! Have got plastic fag which works well but just cant stop wanting real one. Any suggestions very welcome.

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Hi Hev

I was in a similar position too about 6 years ago (before I was diagnosed ) I finally managed to become a non smoker .What really helped me was reading the book "The Easy Way "

I read it twice and the second time I was successful .I would recommend it to anyone.

Good luck


There have been numerous blogs about giving up smoking. You will have to build up your will power, determination Who in charge your body or your craving. And read the book above.

thank u i have read the book & it certainly changed my way of thinking gonna read it again fingers crossed it works didn't realise how addictive smoking was until now.

I, too, succeeded with "The Easy Way". It was the third time of reading for me but I stopped from fifty a day to nil. Never say "giving up" because that means you think you are losing something valuable. Would you say that you had "given up" crossing busy roads with your eyes closed?

What you are doing is all gain. You are gaining a smoke-free existence. You are gaining better health prospects - every little helps. You are gaining money. I'm sure you can think of other gains.

Good luck.

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Hi There hev67

Trying to stop smoking can be incredibly hard, but it is also very possible. The best thing is stopping smoking, we know that stopping can slow down or even stop the progression of COPD.

Have you been in contact with a smoking cessation group or helpline? They can advise on other types of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) as well as group or individual support.

It sounds silly to say but in your quest to stop smoking:

1, Remember why you're stopping.

2, Try to find other things to do when you want a cigarette.

3, Put the money you would normally spend on ciggies into a 'me' jar - and then treat yourself with all the money you have saved.

4, Trying to keep a healthy weight is important in COPD, but stopping smoking can make people feel they wanst to eat more - so keep healthy fruit/veg snacks handy.

5, Take it one day at a time.

6, Often the idea of a cigarette is more appealing than actually smoking one.

7, Smoking is very physchologically addictive - identify your triggers for smoking (ie) after a meal, when you're on the phone.

NHS Smoking Helpline number - 0800 022 4 332.

We are here Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm - 03000 030 555.

Best Wishes


Hi hev,

I too smoked for 30+ years,and gave up 9years before I was diagnosed with copd.

Mine too was caused by the dreaded weed.

I agree with stitch,I gave up using zyban,brilliant stuff.

Go and see your gp

Good luck.


Champix for me. See your GP. It's the only way and you will feel better.

I hate to be blunt, but if you don't stop, your chances are not good. If you do stop, it needn't really get any worse.

Lynne xx

My theory on giving up smoking is simple. You must WANT TO GIVE UP . So many try and fail,I feel the reason for failure is you enjoy smoking add that to the addictiveness and the result is failure . I often tried and continually failed .I tried all the remedies to give up,but to be honest when I failed It didnt bother me as much as it should .Then I had a heart attack .The Dr told me if I didn't pack up all his efforts will be just a waist of time.I went to a smoking area ,had one last puff and gave up.3 years on I am still smoke free .As well as the heart problems I have Emphysema. But the lack of smoke has made a very large improvement in the way I feel. When not suffering effects of the Emphyysema I actually feel good. looking back I have not been able to say that for more years than I can remember . WANT TO AND YOU WILL

Best wishes all x

try the quit blog of health unlocked too.

Ditch the nicotine mate, it's a killer. As you say the hash is very therapeutic just don't tell the local law enforcement agencies. can't beat the old hash brownies.

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