Next stop France!

I have decided to swim the Channel, not actually climb into its cold waters full of detritus, ferry's and large tankers, but virtually via a smartphone app.

I love exercise but need to keep motivated, staying as well as I can be is of course a motivation but I need something else. I have just swam via this app the length of Loch Ness. It took me 4 months and 31,000 metres later I finally made it - I didn't see Nessie - maybe I am the monster. I have chosen the channel next, its about 41000 metres. Once I have achieved that I will head to Suez where I will swim the length of the canal. I expect this to take me just over a year to complete. Oh how I wish there was an app for the treadmill that would allow me to walk exotic places!

Anyway, au revoir mes amies! I'm just 4% into my channel swim so I am barely out of Dover docks! *rubs in the goose grease*

I know that a lot of people can't exercise on here but what do you do to motivate yourselves in everyday life? To get on with the day today things that you just sometimes think isn't worth doing?

Marie x

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  • Great idea! How many treadmill minutes equate to channel swimming?

    Lynne xx

  • Oooh that's complicated. Not sure but it's over 40km so you would probably walk it much faster than I can swim as I usually manage 3km per week in pool and about 6 in the gym. I've decided to log my walking separately and walk the wall instead!

  • What a lovely way to make the time pass when going through the everyday chores that must be done while they still can be. The first thing that came to mind was fishy story. :D

  • I'd never do anything of I didn't have little goals to work towards! ;-)

  • I think I'd need more than a snorkel! Yuck :-)

  • I think what I might do is wear log my miles on the treadmill and virtually walk Hadrian's Wall. East to West...

  • I'm up for that. When do we start?

    Lynne xx

  • Well I'm going to start today. Shall we get our boots and backpack? ;-)

  • That's fantastic, well done you. :)

  • Brilliant idea.

  • Great idea a friend of my sisters who has Alzheimers recently cycled to Paris and he raised a load of money all without leaving his house. He used an exercise bike with a thingy on the handle bars to measure his distances it took him nearly a month.

    Keep going and remember to breathe on every other stroke



  • Does'nt the phone get wet when you're swimming?

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