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Mild COPD with heart problems

I have what is normally well controlled mild COPD (Symbicort optional Ventolin I have had three lots of heart surgery to valves and am awaiting a fourth. I have chest infection for which Doc prescribed 7 day course of Amoxycilln and 5day course of prednisilone. The infection is clearing but I am producing so much mucus I'm nearly drowning. I should have my pre-op assessment for heart surgery on Monday, so I'm devastated as it looks like I shall have to put it off.

Can anyone offer suggestions about dealing with over production of mucus. I've never had this happen before.I feel quite desperate and I'm normally quite calm

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Think That's One For BLF Helpline ...... Or Gp Really

I Use Beclomethasone Steroid Inhaler To Stop Mucus .... But Think With You Having Heart Problems Might Not Be Suitable ... A Know They Do Pills But Don't Know Much About Them

Hope You Feel Better Soon All The Best


Thank you! I think you're right. I shall have to phone the emergency Doctor helpline and get some advice. It's really becoming awful,

Thanks for your help

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There are specific mucolytics that are prescribable. These reduce the thickness and the amount of mucus produced. They take a week or two to develop their full effect so i would suggest you take advice from your healthcare professionals.

Try and google 'mucolytics'

Have fun


Hi Giddysu,

I also have heart problems and I'm told the medication is limited for excess mucus. They can drain the mucus if it get's really bad. I wish you well and hope the delay for your procedures isn't too long.

I'm having angioplasty tomorrow which was touch and go because my CRP is elevated, the heart and lungs are so interconnected it's frighening at times. What I think is COPD turns out to be Heart! I've only been diagnosed since last November so still learning.

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