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Acapella - how often do you use it ?

My acapella arrived and I have used it once after watching a video.

If you are using one, please can you advise me on its use....

How often should I use it?

How often does it need washing?

AND what results are you seeing?

Am hoping the effect will be good - I had a few great hours after just one use that seemed to shift a bit of gunk ! maybe the weather helped too though ?

thanks in advance :)


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Papworth Hospital publish a guide to using this - including all the how often and cleaning instructions - Better still talk to you physio if you have one.


What is an Acapella?


Use as often as you need too, your physio should advise you. I wash the mouth piece every time I use it wash the acapela weekly. Good luck I found it worked for me, I do not have to use so often once lungs are cleared.

Best Wishes

Jo :-)


what is it


it is a thing you blow into that produces movement of mucus within your lung so you can get rid of it.


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