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having oxygen in spain


can anyone give advice on taking oxygen to spain, as the company l am with will not allow the oxygen out of the country, and the places l have rang l am finding it very expensive or can l claim cost back, l drive to spain and catch a ferry, and normally stay for 3 months or more, l have only been on oxygen 2 weeks and have to use oxygen 16 hours aday, any information will help thank you

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Jo_BLFHelplineBritish Lung Foundation

Hi British

Generally speaking you can claim back the whole or part of the cost of the oxygen providing you follow a specific process. Going througha private company can be expensive and this cannot be claimed back.

The links below will guide you through the process and the second link has a template letter to request the oxygen you need.



I hope this isn't too overwelming for you - call us on 03000 030 555 and we can talk you through this - we also have lists of travel insurance contacts and a 'Going on holiday booklet' - all free of charge.

Best Wishes


can you please send list of insurances and booklet " going on holiday," l have been looking to buy portable oxygen machine on laptop or ebay do you think this is a good ideal as it is much cheaper then going direct,

if you are only on 3 or less you can get a potable that run on batteries, if you need more you have the same problem i do. they are taking a lot of money, i am trying to go to jamaica and i never herd of such a crazy price.....

thank you for your answer, l have been told l may be able to get a portable from hostipal, as renting is a lot of money, also if l have NHLC l can arrange for oxygen in spain free or small cost but l have a problem to drive and catch ferry this side of spain inless hostipal will give me portable for jounery, l hope you can sort out your holiday.

I was saying to my oxygen nurse that although I am taking a holiday this year, it has to be this country because of the hassle of arranging oxygen on the plane, and in the Canary Islands where I usually go. Nurse said I could get it over there, but the cost would be about £500. That makes the holiday a no go cost wise. Portable seems a good idea, but I am on 4 lpm. Seems like I have had my last visit to the Canaries. Mind, when I was there last time I had an exacerbation and was worried my condition would be spotted and I would be refused the flight. That was a few years ago now and I am now worse. South Devon is my new Lanzarote. lol. Not the same but hey, it looks pretty when we get the sun:-)

call the hospital close to where you are staying and ask them , they will tell you

Hi. Your oxygen nurse should be able to help With this. You are entitled to free oxygen if you have a EHIC card

Depending on where u are in soain will depend on what kind of oxygen aupply you will

Get. A concentrator will be provided in tour hotel(as u have a at hime) and you will eitjer have a smaller version or liquid oxygen to enable you to get out and about. Speak to your reapiratoey clinic

Juliebar in reply to Juliebar

Holiday insurance is cheap as chips through fish insurance

Anyone telling you there is a cost in the EU is telling gibs! You are a member of the EU - and entitled to same level ofcare as here in th uk... provided you have an EHIC card - which is free off the NHS website

HiddenAdministrator in reply to Juliebar

Sometimes within the EU you will to pay some costs - the EHIC system allows you to claim back some of the costs but it only allows you to receive the treatment in the same way as a citizen of that country (e.g. many European countries the residents will have to pay a small amount towards treatment).

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