having oxygen in spain

can anyone give advice on taking oxygen to spain, as the company l am with will not allow the oxygen out of the country, and the places l have rang l am finding it very expensive or can l claim cost back, l drive to spain and catch a ferry, and normally stay for 3 months or more, l have only been on oxygen 2 weeks and have to use oxygen 16 hours aday, any information will help thank you

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  • Hi British

    Generally speaking you can claim back the whole or part of the cost of the oxygen providing you follow a specific process. Going througha private company can be expensive and this cannot be claimed back.

    The links below will guide you through the process and the second link has a template letter to request the oxygen you need.



    I hope this isn't too overwelming for you - call us on 03000 030 555 and we can talk you through this - we also have lists of travel insurance contacts and a 'Going on holiday booklet' - all free of charge.

    Best Wishes


  • can you please send list of insurances and booklet " going on holiday," l have been looking to buy portable oxygen machine on laptop or ebay do you think this is a good ideal as it is much cheaper then going direct,

  • if you are only on 3 or less you can get a potable that run on batteries, if you need more you have the same problem i do. they are taking a lot of money, i am trying to go to jamaica and i never herd of such a crazy price.....

  • thank you for your answer, l have been told l may be able to get a portable from hostipal, as renting is a lot of money, also if l have NHLC l can arrange for oxygen in spain free or small cost but l have a problem to drive and catch ferry this side of spain inless hostipal will give me portable for jounery, l hope you can sort out your holiday.

  • I was saying to my oxygen nurse that although I am taking a holiday this year, it has to be this country because of the hassle of arranging oxygen on the plane, and in the Canary Islands where I usually go. Nurse said I could get it over there, but the cost would be about £500. That makes the holiday a no go cost wise. Portable seems a good idea, but I am on 4 lpm. Seems like I have had my last visit to the Canaries. Mind, when I was there last time I had an exacerbation and was worried my condition would be spotted and I would be refused the flight. That was a few years ago now and I am now worse. South Devon is my new Lanzarote. lol. Not the same but hey, it looks pretty when we get the sun:-)

  • call the hospital close to where you are staying and ask them , they will tell you

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