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breathless attack

this is more a tip! rather than a question,when you at the end and cannot breath or you feel you cant ! first try to take a hold of yourself and lower shoulders, relax stomach,and while exhaling blow out untill it is impossible to blow out any more do this each time you blow out and recovery will come a little faster works but you have got to DO IT .... works good for me easier said than done though good luck

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If in doubt breathe out for the times when the body forgets the breathing thing :-)

good answer chiggles...but its (breath out as far as you can) so you loose 4 points :)

I was told to breathe in through nose and then blow out through mouth for twice the amount of time you were breathing in.

yes breath in through the nose is good because moisture goes with the air you breath but blowing all out and more ( as far as posible) is what brings a quicker recovery. thank you zaney

Breathing quite badly recently thanks for good info and also have johnwr recent breathing blog on favourites bar on computer. Couldn't figure it out at first but it makes sense now to think when you breathe in afterwards (after breathing out as much as you can) your lungs get the benefit-thank you oxytic

you are welcome lavender1

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