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Still wearing L-Plates & so grateful 4allU replies

Hi all just wanted to share with u all I am a newcomer to the www & I am finding it very hard 2gt my head round!! Was massive achievement I didn't give up becoming a member looool (Don't help being dsylexic ) so to all who answered my 1st ? ..... Thank U ??. I am sorry if I not yet replied yet ...So bear with me as I give up in frustration 2quickly!! As I feel a warmth a understanding most of NOT a lone frm the community here so heres hoping I ditch the L plates & become a part of the that too. I hope u r well as can be under circumstances

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Good reading your blog, Therah. I have belonged to this community since before Christmas, and enjoy the chat and jokes etc, but also sympathise with all the people in the forum. I have problems of my own, mainly due to wear and tear. You need to study all the blogs and the website. There is so much to learn and the lovely people you will meet. One or two I could mention are right charmers!!!

Hello Therah, welcome and hopefully we will have more posts from you. Lots of advice on this site.

Lib x

Welcome Thera, I am relatively new too (about a month or so), I think I missed your first post as it was in questions and only a couple of weeks ago, I realized the question part was also a big part of this site so I missed your first post.

Well done for entering the cyber world, it has great plus points and this forum is quite honestly the most supportive and caring I think you will find. Everyone, some who are very ill themselves still always find humour and still give the best encouragement kindness and support that anyone could hope for and I have no doubt you will benefit from being here.

I know I am here most days and even when I am feeling pretty fed up, I always find a smile on here



Welcome from me too. I have been on it since about last June and it's a great site.

Lynne xx

So glad you did become a member - now you can ditch the L plates :-)

Always learning new things only did not feel it made me any less worthy of the support here so do not feel any barrier is between us because we are new, all the same in my eyes have something from life that we can share with other members.

Hi Thera, I cannot even remember when I joined as a carer for hubby as I am a bit dopey today for some reason. Could be not sleeping so well but never mind. Look forward to reading more blog posts from you. Take care. xxxx

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