Madness Sorted

I spent most of the day on the phone talking with my nurse, her boss, the consultant, the health authority and the supplier. Having rattled a few cages and simply pointed out basic facts about my oxygen needs, finally a portable concentrator is on the way. I was passed from pillar to post but stuck with my objective to gain freedom from the portable cylinders. I have to say that my GP was fantastic in giving advice about cutting the red tape. Wedding here I come.

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  • Gotta rattle a few cages to get somewhere these days, good for you harmonica.

    Lib x

  • Well done Harmonica. Shame you had to fight so hard and a bouquet to your GP too.

  • That's great news. It will make so much difference to your enjoyment of all the wedding festivities. Well done you for persevering - let's hope the next person along won't have to fight so hard for what is obviously the sensible and most economic solution.

    Have a wonderful time!

  • Well done harmonica - when will they learn --- we don't give up we don't give in, good girl !


  • Good on ya for your perseverance - well done.


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