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It helps if it has power!

Rings darling hubby up in his lunch break to inform him that my brand new netbook, has died and we would be going to PC World tonight :( We haven't had a lot of luck with technology of late, new laptop had to be returned to PC World after just two months, my old net book was dying on its bum, can't complain have had it three and half years. Lunchtime wanted to send an email to GP to let him know how I was doing and new netbook kept shutting down, giving me strange messages etc. As it turned out after ringing hubby about dead new netbook, what I needed to do was plug it in properly.

Brain is definitely gathering dust and cobwebs and is in seriously need of some fresh air to blow it all away. Lottie is daily suffering with cabin fever and biscuit withdrawal symptoms, and her mummy needs to be back amongst the living again.

Asthma is slowly improving after increasing pred to 50 mg and syringe driver meds to 10 mg, swallowing codeine to cope with this god awful cough, that could wake up the dead in the right places. I have been up just three hours and already want to crawl off to bed, but the ironing needs finishing, almost there, just some cot bedding to be done for a baby that is due soon in the family.

And besides I need to get better soon, daytime TV is enough to drive you insane, and I need my brain power returned so I can study.

Huggles to everyone


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Hi Daxiemad.

I have discovered a new universal law

"The animosity of inanimate objects tends to a maximum the more you need it."

Starting with oxygen tubes and picking up stair lifts and dead laptops along the way.



Hi Daxiemad,

Do hope you get back to your best soon.You sound as if you are still busy enough anyway>

Have to agree with you about day time tv.

As for you not plugging in, same happened with me,with the washing machine,did I feel silly after?? But how was I to know it had been unplugged,I never do that,must have been Mr Nobody again!!

Keep well,look after yourself,especially with that cough!

Love Wendells xxx


Come on Daxiemad ,you can do it.Just look it up on your netbook.OOPS


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