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I have been diagnosed with PF I am getting by with the help of O2 But still suffer with a debilitating cough Can anyone suggest any remedies

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Hi, carbocisteine capsules or syrup is prescribed to help bring up mucus and can be very beneficial to those taking it. Once the mucus is coughed up, sometimes the coughing can subside for a bit to give some relief. Drinking warm drinks helps to thin out the mucus, some say put some fresh lemon in with cool boiled water. Also on prescription is codeine linctus medicine, it helps to stop the cough whilst offering some pain relief at the same time. Ask your GP about it.

Hope you get some help x

Thanks Tanyamarie, will see my GP and start on the lemon drinks. Can you sub whiskey for the cooled boiled water.? (lol)


Or brandy maybe loL!

I too have IPF and use portable oxygen. Out of habit I still try to do the things I used to do - but I can't. I've found I must use oxygen when my body needs it or my cough gets worse. It does no good taking the oxygen afterwards. You really have to plan ahead with oxygen.

One other thing. I had two bronchial infections last year. The coughing took forever to calm down, but it did - very slowly. Good Luck.

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