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Food in the late 1950s

Olive oil was kept in the medicine cabinet.

A takeaway was was a mathematical problem

A pizza was something to do with a leaning tower

All crisps were plain, the only choice was whether to add the salt or not

A Big Mac was what we wore when it was raining

Eating raw fish was called poverty, not sushi

None of us had heard of yoghurt

I have more for tomorrow, if you want them

Lynne xx

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Yes please, I'm a 50's kid (well, I was!). Got one for you, the only pop was corporation pop (not strictly true, but was true in our house. A pint (I think) of dandelion and burdock between 3 kids, once a month, what a treat! You've got me laughing, thanks! Libby

Oh yes! I remember corporation pop. Xx

Keep them coming Lnne

This is so interesting - I must have a think about the 1950s. It included the coronation, me starting my nurse training and getting married. I do remember my first visit to a Chinese restaurant, and my first glass of wine. Traditional roast. I still have a recipe book that came with my first gas oven.

Healthy and safty, political correctness were not mentioned. The world was more innocent or at least on the surface. Lots more when I think, but just going to bed. Annie80

Love it Lynne. Can I add that rice was always a pudding and you could get cocaine from your dentist! Auntymary xx

This time of year it was more like looking at a crate of 1/3 pint milk bottles with an inch of ice poking out the top of each ! We didn't get warm stuff.

I was also deprived! Our milk was often spoiled by being frozen up out of the top of the bottle. Must be the cold Yorkshire winters. Am ;)

Did the crisps come with salt in blue paper or am I dreaming that one.

Yes they did, it was twisted not sealed as it is now. I was born 1949.

Well, I remember they actually tasted of potato! And like a bottle of pop, a rare treat and I can practically remember the excitement at having some! Weren't they Smiths, and then came Golden Wonder I think.

And does anyone remember Potato Puffs? We used to be able to buy these at break at school, that may have been just into the 60's though.

I just loved potato puffs, yummy

Crisps had a twist of salt and OMG didn't they taste so much better than today's?

Dumplings boiled in water and served with treacle for pudding, called swimmers! I have a Macdougals flour recipe book my Mother gave me where it says zest of orange if available so is obviously wartime, which incidently so am I!

Carole x

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